Day 25 – Praise the Lord! Another save today! Vigil participants from Washington Alliance, Corpus Christi, Grove City College, and other churches/organizations rise to the occasion

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.” Psalm 136:1

Today was indeed another day to give thanks to the Lord. Read about how He blessed our morning shift in Sally’s witness below:

What a lovely day! Almost warm enough for bare hands, sunny, very little wind. We had many pray-ers from the Washington Alliance Church, Grove City College, Johnstown Area, AOH members, and many others from a variety of churches and areas.

Amy and Jamie from Washington Alliance


Amy from Washington Alliance


Arlene and Mary from St. Maurice


Cindy Georgetta and Gale from Johnstown




Mona and granddaughter Nicole


Tim with sign


Tom and Pat from Washington Alliance




PP had quite a few customers and were busier in the early hours than they were later in the morning.  That has been the pattern all week. They seem to have a blond woman as the new permanent guard.  We have seen her before when she worked as a relief.

Three ladies from Johnstown stood across the street all morning with their “Defund Planned Parenthood”, and “Abortion Kills a Person” signs.  They could be seen from the waiting room, which was crowded. I asked about their priest, who I remembered being at PP a few times. He had been a missionary in Japan for more than 20 years, and had come
back to Johnstown to be with his aging parents.  They have since died, and he has now gone back to Japan to work with “his people”.  He intends to die there in service to the Japanese people he loves. Isn’t that beautiful?

George, who is a cantor at his church, and the students sang some beautiful hymns.

Late in my shift a young woman came by and talked first with the Grove City students and later with me and others.  She said she is 30, divorced, 11 weeks pregnant, has no job & stays in a house owned by her ex-husband.  She had come to PP to ask about getting an abortion, but she could not do it.  She said she might consider adoption. I gave her the resource sheet and the flyer from Catholic Charities.  The Grove City students took her to lunch. I forgot to ask for her name to add her to our prayer list.



The second shift also went well. Read about it below.

The second shift went very well, as vigil participants from Washington Alliance, St. Maria Goretti, Corpus Christi, and other churches came.

Day 25 Champions for Life
Day 25 True prayer warriors

They displayed a strong, peaceful, prayerful presence, and a couple of people who walked by gave positive support for what we were doing. Additionally, one woman in a black car drove by us and gave us encouraging words as well.

Jeannie managed the third shift and wrote:

 What a beautiful day to witness the kingdom of God in Pittsburgh.   Shift 3 started with an all-guy group which I quickly disrupted 🙂 .    I was joined 3-7 by Mike and Joe from Corpus Christi in McKeesport.  Tony  from St. Joan and Brandon and Dan from STL all joined us for parts of this 4 hour shift, too.  I was blessed among MEN!

Today was very busy in  Pittsburgh with the HOME show, sun and great weather.   How lucky are we  to have the beautiful signs out where folks could read them.   I could see more than a handful of conversations start among family members.   I think we all know that the truth about abortion waits for anyone who is open to the conversation.   We started many many paths to the truth today!

I think the biggest revelation today was the HUMANITY of us all.  WIthout the layers and bundles, hats and scarves we could really see everyone was SOMEBODY— arms, legs , head, hair….. Every one of us unique… everyone created by God with gifts He alone knows.

We had the usual combination of “thumbs up” support and misguided criticism.   Still, we “soldiered on” .

We greeted all with the happiness of a warm Spring day!  Even the security guard at PP, who returned our greeting.  Even the woman many of us have encountered who “wished she had been aborted” had a softer tone today.   As night fell, we prayed for each and every worker who exited the building— hoping that one day they will see the HUMANITY of each little life they cast aside.

To my band of prayerful bodyguards, THANK YOU for being men of God.  Our world truly needs more of you!

– With a happy heart,  Jeannie


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