Day 24: Another Abortion Day.

Every abortion day, dear Shift Managers Al and Sally are there.  Faithful.  Steadfast.  ALL YEAR LONG.  They are such pillars of our team and our campaign.  Thank you to them for all they do.

On this Friday during Lent, we tend to fix our minds MORE upon the cross of Our Lord Jesus.  And it is not a coincidence that this was also an abortion day.  Our Lord says to us in Scripture, “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto Me.”  When these abortions take place at the Planned Parenthood facility three times a week, all year long, what is happening to those innocent lambs is offending Jesus, the Lamb of God.  It undoubtedly pains His heart.  We offend Him enough through our own sins…. Can’t we join our prayers together on these abortion days so we can lessen these offenses of others?  Perhaps someone who was considering abortion today will CHANGE her mind.  Maybe she already has, because of YOU and your prayers.  Please, dear pro-life family, we NEED your prayers.  Let the sins of our pro-abortion nation offend Our Lord no longer.

Thank you also to Bellevue Christian Church, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Ascension Holy Name Society, for joining us in prayer today!

Let us read about the events of the morning shift, as Sally shares her experience with us:


Morning witnesses for life, Mike, Gary, Lois and Dean

What a windy morning!  Our signs were whipping around our heads and arms all morning.  Temperature was not bad, but the wind chill made it feel much colder.  In spite of the wicked wind & cold, there were 19 pray-ers at PP from about a dozen different churches. I am constantly amazed at how God keeps sending such good people to the vigil. And nobody is forcing them.  They want to be there!
 For a Friday it was very weird.  Al said there were 4 or 5 couples and some single girls going into PP on his shift.  He saw one woman going in around 9 a.m. who might have been an abortionist.  For my entire 2 hours I only saw a few single girls going in. While waiting for the bus, I glanced up at the waiting room & it looked almost empty.
 There could have been a turnaround, but we’ll never know.  A woman was determinedly walking up Liberty with a young couple & they had “abortion bound” written all over them.  I just knew they were going in & spoke to them.  But, to my surprise, they did not go in.  They walked right past the door, kept on going up Liberty, looking back a few times, & went into a restaurant far up the street.  I did not see them come out & they did not walk back to PP.
 Our day was brightened, as usual, by the groups of beautiful daycare children, all smiles and waves as they passed by. They light up our life!



Shift Manager Ginny shared some photos with us from the afternoon:

Jackie (from Holy Sepulcher) and Pastor Bryan passing out materials
Nancy and Margery from Trinity Lutheran in Beaver. This was their first time at 40 Days for Life. Very nice ladies.
Mimi is an Italian lady who is mourning the loss of her husband. She wanted a black hat for 40 Days, but since we we did not have black, she took a blue one and said she would wear it next year.


Ginny also shared that “There were various other regulars there during our shifts, who would stop to pray from 10 minutes to an hour.”

Isn’t that just like our 40 Days for Life family?  A heartfelt thank you to you all.


Shift Manager Pat then took some photos for us and shared about his time at the vigil:

Sarah from Assumption parish in Bellevue prays in the midst of rush hour

During the first hour (3-4) Sarah from Assumption in Bellevue stood with me and prayed on one side of the semi-circle while I attempted to pray and pass out literature on the other side.  I hope my prayers met with more success than my literature efforts.  Sarah both stood and knelt as she prayed and her quiet and prayerful presence must have made an impact on those who walked by or waited for their bus.  Please pray for her as she searches for a job where she can use her gifts to serve others. 

The second hour brought Fr. Joe Sredzinski and the good people from Ascension parish in Jeannette, who wasted no time before going into their first set of mysteries of the rosary.  I was proud to have fellow members of the Diocese of Greensburg stand with me.

Although the weather wasn’t bad, and I had good company throughout my shift, it’s just hard to be there when the women come out from their abortions.  Although I want to at least be able to give them the Rachel’s Vineyard pamphlet, it seems as if I’m rarely prepared for them when the come out of the doors.  And even when I am, I feel very uncomfortable about even approaching them at all.  As I watch them walk away I come back to the phrase we’ve all heard before:  “All you can do is pray.”  Fortunately, there’s comfort in knowing that that’s no small thing.


Amanda, Theresa, Fr. Joe, Paul, and Ed from Ascension parish in Jeannette


Shift Manager Nikki, at the last shift of the day, had an amazing story to share:

I had the joy of praying almost un-ceasingly with the wonderful people from Ascension Holy Name Society in Jeannette.  Here is a photo of Fr. Joseph, with Ed and Paul, sporting their new 40 Days for Life hats:

During the 6pm hour we were joined by Jeff (R), who has been a regular evening witness at our vigil…and the shift manager on Thursday evenings…pictured with my husband, Joe (L):

We had almost all positive feedback from the passers-by…with the exception of one man who walked by as we were all huddled in a circle, praying…and he shouted to us, “I hope you all burn in hell for harassing women!”  Sure…standing in a circle praying, in front of a closed abortion clinic…harassing women?  I think it’s time the pro-abortion crowd get a new slogan.  It just doesn’t fit anymore.

During this last hour, one man stopped to thank us for being there.  He told us that he works in a hospital in West Virginia, and knows how much abortion hurts and damages women.  He said that a woman was recently admitted to his hospital with a perforated uterus.  She had an abortion at 22 weeks in Pittsburgh (on Valentine’s Day) and was sent home with this life-threatening injury!  Later, after she had gone home, she went to the hospital in West Virginia for care.  The man told us that she was so traumatized emotionally and psychologically from the abortion that she was sitting in her bed, clutching a teddy bear to her chest, rocking back and forth.  He said she was receiving psychological care along with medical care.  He thought that she would not be able to have any more children.

I am more and more convinced that trying to end this evil with our own humanly strength is like trying to nail jello to a tree.  We cannot do it.  The devil is too slippery.  He will just keep changing…like a virus mutates when a vaccine is created.  Prayer of the faithful really IS the answer!  During our 40 day campaigns I get to pray with the BEST people in the whole tri-state area!  The MOST faithful…the MOST selfless…the MOST humble…the MOST joy-filled and Holy Spirit filled people!  It is such a blessing to be involved in the leadership of this campaign and I am so grateful to God for sending us 40 Days for Life!

Thank you for standing with us!

Your sister,



We cannot give up.  What we are doing goes far beyond ONE abortion day.  These stories tell us that what we are doing has an impact that lasts for a long time…. even forever, since the immortal souls of the aborted children live on forever. 

Let us keep trusting in the Lord.   


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  • March 9, 2013 at 7:52 am

    Re: The woman admitted to the WV hospital with a perforated uterus. PP advertises that they do abortions to 18 weeks. I think Allegheny Repo advertises that they do them up to 22 weeks. Valentine Day was a Thursday. A killing day at Allegheny Repo. Sally


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