Day 22…PRCSH, CIM-PA, St. Anne’s in Waynesburg & Lower Burrell Baptist Shine for Christ!

I have never been more proud of our pro-life community than I was today!  We had a few cancellations today because of the deep snow (understandably)….and I thought it would be mainly just our shift managers holding the vigil today, but I was wrong!  Early morning shift manager, Cathy, reported that Brandon was already standing vigil when she arrived before 7am (he said he got there at 5:30am!)…and he remained with her until her shift ended at 9!  Susan also came and prayed at 8am:

Early morning witnesses, Brandon and Susan
Early moring shift manager, Cathy

Kathy managed the 9-11am shift and brought Courtney (also from PRCSH) with her:

Courtney and Kathy, Pregnancy Resource Center of the South Hills

Kathy wrote:

34 degrees was warm today as Cathy and I were in 18 degrees two weeks ago! Brandon and Cathy started the shift with me then Courtney came. She is volunteer at South Hills pregnancy resource center. We gave out one referral card as a man asked about adoption. We recieved “God bless you” from passerbys and the “Health Dept Man”(he had identified himself previously using planned parenthoods intercom). We prayed quietly.

I managed the 11am-3pm shift and brought my husband Joe with me.  We expected the attendance to be light, since Fr. Tim’s group (Guardians for Life of Indiana and Westmoreland Counties) could not make it due to the snow…but we were only there for about 5 minutes when Tom unexpectantly arrived…followed by William:

Joe and Tom

While we were praying we witnessed an accident right behind us on Liberty.  A young man was riding a bicycle in between the lanes of traffic, lost his balance and fell underneath a bus!  Luckily he pulled his leg out of the way just in time, and although he was bumped and bruised and his rear wheel was crushed by the bus tire, he was okay!  We ran over to him to see if we could help.  Tom is a Physician’s Assistant and examined the man’s hand, which he said he had hurt.  By then the police, ambulance and fire trucks had showed up.  We went back to our vigil and prayed a litany for the poor boy…who by the grace of God was un-hurt…was upset, sitting on the sidewalk and crying.  Soon after this Rick showed up to pray during his lunch break:

Tom and Rick

The CIM (Cultural Impact Ministry)-PA was signed up to witness from 1-3pm and arrived with some beautiful signs!

Donna and Jim from CIM-PA, along with Victor

At the same time, a group from St. Anne’s in Waynesburg arrived!  I was so impressed at their conviction…that they would drive two hours to witness for life at our vigil!  What a great group of people!

Dedicated people from Waynesburg

They prayed for most of the two hours that they were there.  It may be just me…but Planned Parenthood is looking more and more sad and dilapidated.  I think it is showing the wear and tear from the barrage of prayers that have been coming against it from our vigil participants.  We have truly been storming the gates of hell….and they will not prevail.  I believe they will eventually collapse in upon themselves.

In fact, I have some good news!  Allegheny Reproductive (the only other free-standing abortion clinic in Pittsburgh) has closed for now!  They were seen moving their furniture and equipment out yesterday.  They were unable to comply with the new health regulations in Pennsylvania.  Most likely they will re-open somewhere else in Pittsburgh, but we don’t know where yet.  Please pray that they are unable to find another location and praise God that for now they are closed!  Let’s pray for the day when we see Planned Parenthood close down as well!

Barbara managed the 3-7pm shift with Richard and members from Lower Burrell Baptist Church.  Here are some photos she took:

Dedicated Prayer Witnesses!
Becky and her crew from Lower Burrell Baptist Church

Barbara reported that it was a wonderful shift, and nothing exceptional happened.

Let’s continue to press on for these next 18 days!

Your sister in Christ,



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  • March 8, 2013 at 4:55 am

    It’s great to see so many people come to pray despite the bad weather, and God bless Tom for his help with the bicyclist (God bless him too).


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