Day 21 – The Lord is with us

” Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

The Lord has, indeed, been with us throughout this campaign. He has given us the courage to persist despite circumstances that have been challenging. Read about this display of courage and persistence in Sally’s description of the morning shift below.

It was a slightly different morning, and I am sorry that I totally
forgot to take a picture.  I hope Charlotte takes a couple.  It was cold, but no rain or snow, and sun at least part of the time was so welcome.  PP had only a 3 or 4 clients until 10:15, and then there was a rush of about 7 or 8 in 5 minutes.  Slow again after that, with another rush a little before 11 a.m.  About 80% were single girls.

There were 16 of us over the course of the morning, including Darryl Smith from Uniontown area & a lady from Weirton, who knows Sheila. We were also blessed by having a Byzantine Deacon & his wife with us for over 2 hours.  They came all the way from DuBois.  He brought booklets and we participated in a half hour prayer against abortion.

I spoke to the boyfriend/husband of a woman who went in for the morning after pill.  They have 3 children & do not want any more.  I told him how dangerous the pill is for her, as well as for a baby who might be killed by it if she happens to be newly pregnant, and gave him a flyer and the resource sheet, which gives natural family planning alternatives.

We were busy waving to two large groups of day care children, out for their morning walk in the sunshine.  First they wave & say “hi” and then some turn around and wave again and say “bye”.  Every one so beautiful and so precious!


Charlotte managed the 11am-3pm shift and wrote of a woman who left with her boyfriend after only being inside for half an hour!  She accepted the pregnancy resource information from Charlotte as she was leaving, and she was in tears!  Sounds like a POSSIBLE save to me!  Here is Charlotte’s story from today:

This afternoon was seemingly planned to fall in order.  There were 3 individuals with me when I started my shift and then when they left my good friend John came when he heard that there may not be anyone with me…he didn’t even know that it was me.  He stayed and was relieved by a mother and daughter who also heard someone was needed.  Then Fr. Terry showed up just in time to talk to a man who had some awkward questions- .  So we were well manned with what God’s plan was for us today.

I have to say it was tough to get anyone to accept literature.  I was reading my prayers for my Liturgy of the Hours about the rejection of the Israelites when Moses went up the Mountain to receive the 10 commandants.  It is a sad story of how they were not faithful to God.  So too is it sad if how these individuals are not knowing or not faithful to God’s commands.  But Moses continued to pray for God’s forgiveness for them.   This is where I was at today.  I think about three groups took my literature.

One girl with her partner stopped in Planned Parenthood for about a half hour or so.  When they both came out she was crying.  She took my literature and I will keep her face in my memory to remember to pray for her.  Hoping that what ever her tears came from that she will choose the decision that God wants for her.  That she will be faithful to His commands.  And all the others will do the same.   If we just don’t relent and do as Moses did–  pray for forgiveness!!!

Courageous champions for life also showed up for Sheila’s shift later on in the day:

Sheila wrote about her 3pm-5pm shift:

My shift, from 3 to 530pm, was a great one.  Not so much as a negative look or comment.  And the sunshine was a welcome guest!

Right after I arrived, a young black woman named Annette stopped by to get some information.  She said that she passed by our vigil numerous times and had been meaning to stop and learn more about what we were doing and what resources were available.

A man from India (Alex) who is here on a visit, stopped and looked at our signs.  He told me that he runs an orphanage in India.  And every day he goes out and checks garbage cans for discarded baby girls.  He now has ten children, eight of them adopted.

A man named Michael, who was in town to check out the home and garden show at the convention center, stood with me until almost 5pm!

Another man, Tim, approached me and told me that his girlfriend had three abortions over the span of about 10 years.  He said he begged her to keep each of the children and felt helpless.  He admitted that he is an alcoholic and that he has not been able to get over the loss of his children.  I gave him the resource sheet and directed him to the post-abortion healing websites for men.

Finally, Terence, a 24 year old man, approached me and gave some eloquent arguments FOR life.  After a few minutes, he slowly recited a pro-life poem, which is actually a rap song that he wrote.  A lady who was in line for the bus heard him and said, “You need to get that on YouTube.”  I asked if he would send me the lyrics and then was hoping that maybe we could invite him to perform his tune at our closing event.  If he gets back to me, as he said he would, I would like to get him on tape.  Will keep you posted.



For the later shift, Rich and Roseann reported that two champions for life joined them:

Jeff Burgman came and stood with us for awhile and Brandon Hill stopped by.  


God Bless,


2 thoughts on “Day 21 – The Lord is with us

  • March 6, 2013 at 9:49 am

    Praise God for the unborn lives that are being saved and other lives that are being touched through the witness of the 40 Days for Life movement. May God give us the encouragement to continue on.

  • March 6, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    The man from India should be a warning to us. His culture does not share a Christian worldview (although he may be a Christian, I don’t know).

    His culture doesn’t value those who are created by God, in His own image. His culture doesn’t honor daughters -“In God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.” His culture hopes for a future incarnation in a better form, we place our hope in living forever with the Creator of the Universe!

    In a culture in which babies are no longer seen as a blessing from God, preborn babies become an inconvenience to be “gotten rid of”, and those who are born as an inconvenience to be raised by someone else. At the deeper end of the slippery slope is the acceptance of throwing unwanted, but living babies in the trash, whether for reasons of poverty, distorted compassion (“she’s better off dead”), or just plain hard-heartedness.

    You would think it couldn’t happen in the US, but who would have predicted partial-birth abortion?

    Let us pray for this wonderful Indian man who has NOT been conformed to his culture and who, for whatever reason, is rescuing these baby girls. As with all of you, may God strengthen him, encourage him, and provide for him as he does the will of the Father.


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