Day 20…The East Suburbs Provides the Witness with Faithful Members of Living Word Church in Penn Hills & St. Bernadette’s Parish in Monroeville!

I had the special privilege of sharing the freezing cold sidewalk this morning with my good friends from Living Word Church in Penn Hills (where I was blessed to attend for over a year!)  It was very, very cold…but these wonderful folks were a blessing to stand with:

Casey and Brenda from Living Word Church
Jeff, Crystal and Phylis

It was inspiring to watch Crystal as she greeted each passer-by with a warm smile and a “Good morning, have a nice day!”  I told her that the Love of Christ was shining out of her!

Pastor Shawn Kirkland was my prayer partner from 9-11am….what a comfort to be in conversation with God as we stood together in prayer!

Cecelia was the shift manager from 11am-1pm.  She wrote the following:

How nice it was to see some familiar faces at the vigil today!  St Bernadette joined with me the last Campaign.  It was so nice to have them back on a Monday afternoon for this campaign.  And they had a wonderful turnout!

Tom, Bev, Ed, Dee, Mary Elizabeth and Francis

Earlier in my shift I was joined by Jerri, Angela, Jean, Pat and Ralph (their “chauffeur” they call him!)  It is so nice to have someone willing and able to bring a group down to the vigil as I know many do not want to drive down themselves.

My college friend, Lisa, showed up, too, on her “lunch” break.  She comes down often and this happened to be her church’s time.  It was a nice surprise to see her!

We had other wonderful witnesses stop by to pray for a while.  Tom from Ascension, Rick from Assumption, and Mary Elizabeth from St Maria Goretti.  Mary helped me greatly as I struggled, at times, to juggle all my shift manager duties with my mittens on.

Many people came to pray today!

We did manage to stay warm enough on this cold afternoon thanks to the hand and toe warmers supplied by my church “family”.

As my shift was winding down, Ed, Tom, Bev and Dee, from St Bernadette, arrived to join shift manager, Francis. Dee does such a nice job coordinating her church group!

Ralph, Lisa and Jean

Many prayers including rosaries and a litany were prayed during the shift.

We were also able to hand out flyers to those passing by.  Several people thanked us.  Just a few were not so supportive.

One young man asked if he could give a donation.  I told him he could mail something to Nikki or I could give it to her.  He said he was so thankful we were doing this and gave us a couple dollars.

Another young man stopped and, when we told him why we were there, said he agreed that abortion was wrong.  I asked if he wanted material to share with anyone.  He did not know of anyone but seemed interested in learning more about abortion so I gave him the packet of material that we had about abortion.

Beth, who managed the vigil from 3 to 5pm wrote:

Isn’t it strange that something that you’re doing as a penance, something that should be hard, maybe even humbling, like standing outside an abortion clinic with dirty windows and dirtier doors, turns into an opportunity to meet wonderful people and a chance to pray to do something that others may only see as an impossible situation.  Today, from 5 to 7 p.m. Jeff, Bill and Rob were my co-workers in the fight to help women and save children.  Diane came later to pick up the signs, giving so generously of her time  every day.  As we stood our vigil, a few PP employees went home, a few people thanked us and one woman argued her usual argument and when she left, Rob had a very cogent comment:  he said that she’s lonely, she just probably want to talk to someone.  That’s another way of looking a someone who just seems determined to just get us to leave and go home.  Doesn’t work, though. We’re all here, staying here, for the long run.

God is good,

If more photos and stories come in from the 1-3pm and the 3-5pm shift, I will be sure to post them here.




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