Day 18 – Praise the Lord! Inspired vigil paticipants from Guardians for Life, Good Samarian & St. Fidelis witness lives being saved!

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

There is much to praise the Lord about, including what happened at the vigil today. From the early morning shift, it appears as though there may have been two lives saved. Read about it in the testimonies from shift manager Sally and from Pamela below:

Sally’s witness:

Hi All,

Another cold, dark morning with lots of snow showers. PP was very busy early on, and less so later in the morning.  There was a turn around. Tom Venditti will email about it since I was not there when it happened. The mobile unit was there, this time parked on Liberty to the right of PP.  As far as we know nobody went in.

Over 45 people came to pray, including Father Tim’s group, at least 6 from Steubenville and nine from Grove City College.  They are such a great asset to the 40 Days witness.  Here are pictures from this morning:

Grove City College Students come to pray!
New sign, compliments of generous donor!
Saturday morning shift manager, Al
Guardians for Life of Indiana and Westmoreland Counties are faithful witnesses
Kneeling in the ice and snow makes a powerful statement of our passion AND our humility!

Regular Saturday witness, Tim Barr, also drives “The Beast” (AKA the Choices Pregnancy Center Mobile Ultrasound)

Brandon, who is a semi-regular, went to Women’s Choice Network, prayed with them, and brought back a bunch of their little cards and a stack of very nice laminated flyers to share with shift managers.  Will bring them to the half-point rally.

One young couple, surrounded by escorts, walked past PP’s door & when told they had gone too far the girl said, “That’s ok. I’m good”, and they continued up Liberty. Rather than being a turn around it looked like the escorts just guessed wrong, which occasionally happens.


Pamela’s testimony:

It appears there were 2 saves this morning!!! Two african americans apparently changed their minds. I was told that one couple walked out of the clinic and said something like “she’s not going to do it” or “she changed her mind”. Another couple never went in but also declined my escort to the CHOICES van. David was successful at getting info in his hand and he also took the black baby model from me as I encouraged them to go directly to the van. Apparently before they even got to me the young man was heard asking her “well what do you want to do?”….and they kept going. So, not sure about the details of this – you’ll need to confirm with Sally, Tom or someone else…but I’d like to think that both accounts are correct!!!! So, praise YOU Lord!!! Blessings–Pamela

Tom wrote:

There was a couple who walked down the aisle , through the prayer warriors, led by father Tim Kruthaupt, who got to the door and refused to go in with the woman telling those around her that she changed her mind, just like that!!!!
Keep the presence and the prayers going, !!!!!
          Tom V
Tom Venditti, with his five Children, were blessed to witness a life saved this morning!
The Lord continued to shine upon us during the later shifts as well. Read about it below:

The mid-day shift was a true blessing, with an excellent turnout of vigil participants from several churches an organizations, such as Good Samaritan and St. John the Baptist, Baden.

Good Samaritan & St. John in Baden are faithful 40 Days for Life participants!

Especially inspiring was the prayerful presence of several college students from Grove City College.

Studens from Grove City are inspiring witnesses!

The presence of Bill was also uplifting, as he told a story about a woman who became pregnant later in life and was encouraged not to continue with the pregnancy. She did anyway, and as a result, Bill proclaimed “I am here!”

Vigil participants from St. Fidelis also displayed a courageous example. Read about it in shift manager Magie’s testimony below:

Last night was cold but very prayerful.  Vigil was kept watch with Saint Fidelis.

Champions for Life from St. Fidelis
More Champions for Life from St. Fidelis, third shift
The right message

I had a husband and wife team with me for the first 2 hours. We saw girls leaving. Most looking very downtrodden.

There was a couple that really stuck with me and when I looked at the young girl I had tears well up. The man pulled up in an expensive looking car to pick up the girl. The young woman was petite. Hiding behind very large sunglasses. I don’t know what struck me so hard. Was it that money didn’t appear to be an issue in keeping the child? Was it the apparent age difference? Whatever it was my heart was very heavy. I always try to follow the girls, and whomever is with them and any workers that leave the building with a loving embrace. I imagine the grace and power of the Holy Spirit wrapping around them. I pray for a conversion of heart. A repentance of soul. A desire to join the us in stopping this great evil.

In the pictures you will see an image of preborn Jesus. It is a copy of a picture commissioned by the couple who was with me for the first two hours after having had a vision. It is so beautiful! The idea behind it is so powerful. The umbilical cord is the rosary. Jesus is still growing inside Mary’s womb and we get to “peek in” and see him growing. If we can teach the young women to lean on Mary and the focus of the message is Luke 1-2. Where Mary found herself in an “unplanned” pregnancy having to say Yes to life and knowing that the road ahead was both uncertain and terrifying if she didn’t face it with the love and grace of the Father.

The second two hours of my shift I had a beautiful family join me. They led us in praying the rosary and divine Mercy chaplet. Interestingly it was with them that I had negative commentators passing by. Satan really does hate an intact, praying family.

I wish to end on a cautionary tale. Please do not take videos of those who do not agree with us. There is a woman who I see every time I am there on Saturday night. This is probably the 10th time. She is in so much pain. She says that she was not wanted. Her father used to beat her. She begins to rant and you can see the agony she is in. She wishes she herself had never been born! A video was taken of her and I had to ask that it be deleted from the phone. We must not use this time to divide ourselves form one another. We must love those who hate us!

 Keep up the great work, everyone! God Bless.



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  • March 3, 2013 at 12:36 am

    Beautiful people praying beautifully in the snow for the unborn babies. Thank you for doing what we all should be doing every day. I read once that we all wonder why so many problems in this world are still unsolved, so many dread diseases still uncured, and then if you think about it, what if we have aborted all the people who were supposed to solve all those problems? Wouldn’t that be the saddest irony of all?


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