Day 14…First Evangelical Free Church comes out in Force…and Memorial Park Church witnesses for Life!

What a powerful witness the selfless members of First Evangelical Free church provided this morning!

Shift Manager Sally wrote:

It was a dark morning, borderline cold, some wind, and toward the end of the shift, rain. Al had taken about half of our signs, as is normal for a weekday, but he called to ask me to bring the other signs.  The First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport comes out in force, and it was their day.  So I banded the others together flat, with large rubber bands, and took off for an earlier bus so that Al could go home and rest his back. The African-American lady bus driver informed me when I got on that my signs were “unacceptable” and that I would have to hide them. I explained that they were word signs…no pictures at all, but she still insisted that they be “hidden”.  I stood them up as I usually do, between the seat edge and the bus wheel well covers.

She accepted that.  This lady is not a mean person.  She is very friendly and helpful to everybody as they get on and off. I felt really sad that she must be so paranoid about prayer and abortion that she even wants to hide the words from public view.

We filled 2 pages of the attendance log today, as much as we do on a Saturday.  There were at least 20 people from the FEFChurch, and most of them did not go home until after 11 a.m.  PP was busy with most abortion bound couples going in early and only one or two after 9 a.m.

Those who went in after 9 were almost all single girls.

One of the FEFC men called to a man as he was leaving PP and asked if he could talk with him and pray with him.  He did both & then encouraged the man to go back into PP and bring his girl out.  He did go back in, but came out alone a little later and walked away. Was the girl not interested in saving herself and her baby?  Or did he not ask her to leave?  As far as we know, she did not come out.  Sally

Members of First Evangelical Free church, along with St. John Neuman parish

Chaplain Steve Hubbard managed the 11am-3pm shift, in the cold rain.  Memorial Park Church in Allison Park adopted this shift.  He took this photo:

Brandon and Daniel from North Park Church, with Memorial Park Church

It rained non-stop…cold and freezing all night!  But our shift managers hung in there!  Sheila wrote:

There was nothing notable from this afternoon’s rainy (sometimes freezing rain) vigil.  No pictures…..was raining too hard.
Gretchen was there until about 4pm.  Brendon  (from Ambassador Baptist Church) stayed until Rich and Roseanne arrived.  Dan stayed for about 1/2 hour with me.
God bless you all,

Roseann and Richard, shift managers from 5pm-7pm reported:

Hi All,

Even though it rained pretty good most of our shift,  I cannot complain.  I always comfort myself by saying it could have been worse.  We did have some good people who braved the weather and came to stand with us.  Other than that we had mostly positive feedback from passer-bys.
Til next time.

Roseann & Rich

Thanks to our wonderful shift managers and our loyal 40 Days for Life family for pulling together and supporting this movement!  You all are the greatest!


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