Day 13, Holy Trinity Church in Robinson Brings the Warmth of Christ to a Cold Sidewalk!

Another very cold morning in front of Planned Parenthood…I think that groundhog tricked us!  When is spring going to come?  Never mind my grumbling about the cold…my heart is warmed by the determination of the vigil participants today!  There was no one signed up for the morning shift, and I was going to be alone…so Dean signed up for three hours to stand with me.  It would have been a long morning by myself…and I would have probably started to feel very sorry for myself if he hadn’t been there.

Dean stood for 3 hours this morning, and will be back with his church, First Evangelical Free Church, tomorrow!

At 10am Sharon, the first participant from Holy Trinity Church in Robinson Twp., which adopted a four-hour shift today arrived:

Sharon and Dean

Sharon and I prayed together for my last hour, and then the next shift manager, Cecelia, arrived with a helper.  Two other volunteers from Holy Trinity arrived also:

Shift Manager Cecelia, with her friend and two prayer volunteers from Holy Trinity

Cecelia wrote this about her 11am-1pm shift:

I was thankful for my friend,Karen, to accompany me on my trip toPittsburghtoday.  She’s from St. Peter & Paul Byzantine Catholic Church.  We told her that it would be cold down there.  And she said she believed it was extra cold there because of the evil presence.  I thank God for the dry weather and sunshine even though we never saw it during our shift.

We had a great turnout from Holy Trinity in Robinson.  Paul and Joan came.  Then Barb and Patrice showed up (they are from St Malachy but were there for Holy Trinity’s vigil).  And then John and Donne arrived before the end of my shift.  We had different rosaries going throughout the vigil time.

Our “regular” William also stopped by and said he would come back.  It is so nice that he makes it a point to be there every free moment he can.

One girl stopped to talk with us.  She asked if PP was open and said she needed a pregnancy test.  I gave her material for the other centers in the area and told her that she would not want to go to PP because they might try to talk her into an abortion and she would not want to kill her baby.  So she did take the material and left.

Another young couple tried to go in the building beside PP and then asked where the doors were.  We asked if they needed pregnancy info and told them they should not go into PP.  But they had their minds set and did not want to listen to us or take any material from us.  They soon found the door, went in, and came right back out.  Beth told me that they are not really open today but may take appointments.  It’s sad when people do not want to hear the truth.

We had an interesting encounter with a tall, white, clean-cut man who exited PP and passed us by.  I asked if we could help him.  He stopped and we asked if he wanted any information.  He said no and that he supports them because they give him “tax” money.   I asked if he worked there and he said “no”.  Perhaps he owns the building?  Just one of the many faces out to make a few bucks from the shedding of blood of the unborn.  It really is a shame that our tax money goes to fund the killing.  I told him that we would pray for him.  He smiled and walked away.

Several others who passed by took material and thanked us.  A couple different ones said they knew of someone who could use the information.  So it is nice that we are there to offer help and better options.

Beth, shift manager from 1-3pm wrote:

Thank you Lord for sunshine.  The 1-3 shift started cold, windy, and bone-chilling.  But by 2:30 the sun was on us and the Son was with us.  Quite a few people from Holy Trinity kept us company, praying and witnessing.  Susan Judge and Tony Cuniak joined us just in time.  We handed out a lot of literature; nothing to note except most people were very cordial and polite, even when they refused our information.  So just an ordinary day, but thank God for the blessings of an ordinary day.

Tony, Beth and Rosalina…changing of the guard

Thanks to Rev. John, Susan and Jeff for answering the call and coming to stand with Beth, Rosalina and Francis!  They had at least one person with them at all times!  Our 40 Days for Life family in Pittsburgh is the BEST!!!

Rev. John answers the call to stand at the vigil

Shift Manager Rosalina wrote:

Praise the lord !!!  We didn’t freeze and we had support most of the time.  Several people tried to enter PP and for some reason they could not enter.  One looked like a salesman because he had a cart on wheels with boxes of various sizes.  I say my rosary and love being quiet when the line for the buses are long.  I met Rev. John Patterson for the first time today.

Tony and Rosalina

Final shift manager of the day, Francis wrote:

We had a great crew from 5 to 7. My friend, Rob, has joined me every Monday since I started last year.  A great guy–a former nurse, whose twin brother is a Holy Ghost priest. We were joined by Susan and Chris. Together, we prayed the rosary aloud and then said the Angelis at 6 o’clock. Jeff came again and Rev. John stayed with us until about 6:30. Gave him some hand warmers for his cold hands. Sorry, didn’t take any pictures. A relatively quiet time as opposed to last week when two police cars showed up. The alarm went off inside PP which triggered the police call. The officers were very respectable. One went inside and I believe viewed the tape to make sure that we were not doing anything improper,  that we were staying outside the circle. Tonight – nothing but a few people who encouraged us to continue on with our task. God bless tomorrow’s crew. It will be cold, but they will store up more blessings because of the inclement weather. Bless you all for all your hard work and for giving me the opportunity to serve Our Lord and the unborn children of God who need our help. I just love this little saying ….”Take my hand, not my life.” Together, we CAN change hearts and minds.  cxc

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