Day 11 – Vigil participants from St. Killian’s, St. Maria Goretti, Holy Family, and St. Ferdinand’s witness for life

“The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1

Vigil participants in our campaign today were, indeed, fearless. Read about the fearless witness displayed by St. Killian’s as described by Sally below.

Hi All,

This was a warmer day than yesterday, with no snow, rain or wind. Such a relief!  Five St. Killian people and at least 13 students from St. Vincent were with us as well as a few from other churches.

St. Killians

Tim drove the sonogram vehicle to PP.  I don’t know if they had any clients.  PP was very busy early on, but the escorts left before 9:30 and hardly anybody went in after that.  We had 2 sidewalk counselors. I managed to get one couple to take the list of free help, but they
still went in and did not come out on my watch.

Several interesting things happened:  The man who has the restaurant got very abusive to a St. Killian man who was peacefully walking up & down Liberty with his 40 Days sign.  He said he thought he was going to be physically attacked.  Emil also called the police to complain about us (again).  Of course, the police just tell him that we are not doing anything wrong and go on their way. He needs a lot of prayers. Anything concerning abortion seems to set him off.

A man told us that he had what he described as an “out of body”
experience.  He was suicidal because his business was failing and his wife was sick.  While both were sleeping, he was given a long look into his wife’s womb where a new baby was growing.  He said that he was able to memorize every feature of that child.  The next day his wife found out that her sickness was caused by the, up to then, undiagnosed pregnancy. The man’s suicidal thoughts vanished from that time on. When the baby was born the father recognized him completely as the child that he saw in the womb many months before.  The boy is now a college senior, and the only child that God ever sent to them.

An African-American woman stopped to thank us for being there, and told us that 20 years ago she had an abortion and later on, when the Lord convicted her, she went through a terrible period of crying and pain and sadness before realizing that the Lord had forgiven her.  She eagerly accepted a flyer for a pregnant woman, one of the booklets that Bob Newman gets for us, and a flyer about Rachel’s Vineyard.  She
knows people who need each of them.  God bless her!  She is willing to try to keep others from going through the post abortion suffering that she endured.

Bob & Joan Newman came to PP this morning to give Tim a brand new sign.  It is the picture of the boy being operated on while still in his mother’s womb, and reaching out his tiny hand to the hand of the doctor.  That picture convicted the photographer who was taking pictures of the, then new, fetal surgery.  He is now pro life.  A news article pasted on the sign shows the child as he was a few years ago. He is now a 14 years old.
Al felt better this morning. He did less than 1 1/2 hours of his
shift, and I did the rest.  He has pain in the middle of his back,
about 1/2 way between the shoulder blades & waist, but only if he coughs or sneezes and when he changes position (sitting to lying down). Nothing else bothers him, but he is going to take it easy for the weekend and do nothing except go to Mass.



Another uplifting testimony of the morning shift from Ray from St. Killian’s is described below…along with these photos taken by him:

Bob Newman with new sign showing babies hand reaching out to grab the doctor’s finger


Several students from St. Vincent College were an inspiration to all.  When you see that many young people with such passion for this so important cause, we know the future fight is in good hands.  I was humbled.  Some of those students, shivering uncontrollably from the cold, were on their knees praying with an intensity that blew me away.

St. Vincent students show their dedication to their unborn brothers and sisters

Unfortunately, we could not convince any of the 10+ women entering the “doors of death” to choice another option.   Not to be dismayed, we huddled together and prayed for all……we prayed for the mothers who didn’t want their precious gift of life…… we prayed for those assisting the mothers who would have to live with their decision the rest of their lives….. and we prayed for those innocent lives entrusted to God in eternal happiness.

Wanting to do more and accompanied by fellow parishioners, Christine, Fred and John, we tried to strike up a conversation with the “death-scorts.”  Point blank we asked them….”How can you do what you are doing?……How do you sleep @ night???…..Assisting with the termination of the most innocent of life?”…….As for the responses, some had a nervous laugh and one man said,…….”Don’t harass me!”………We replied,  “we are not harassing you.  We are just trying to understand.”………he just kept repeating…..”Don’t harass me.”……….As we turned and walked back to our fellow prayer warriors, we knew we had to pray extra hard for them…………..After all, it is about changing hearts and minds through prayer and doing it with compassion and mercy.   I think Jesus wants it that way…….

Saturday morning prayer warriors from St. Killian’s


For the mid-day shift, participants from St. Maria Goretti, Holy Family in Steubenville, and other churches successfully witnessed for life. Read about their successful witness below.

Vigil participants from St. Maria Goretti, Holy Family in Steubenville, Epiphany, and other churches displayed a powerful witness. These participants were steadfast in prayer and remained committed to the peaceful mission despite uncomplimentary statements made by some passers-by, including the guy from the restaurant. Several encouraging comments were made as well.


Prayer Warriors from Holy Family Parish in Steubenville

Third shift manager Maggie wrote about her time at the vigil, which was covered by a great group from St. Ferdinand’s in Cranberry…and took these photos:

Great witness from St. Ferdinand’s in Cranberry!
Prayer Warriors from St. Ferdinand’s
Tony comes almost every day to pray and witness!

Maggie wrote:

Yesterday afternoon into early evening was very quiet.  I had a great group of prayers with me.  A group from  St. Ferdinand spent the entire 4 hours with me.  It was nice to recognize them from the last campaign. It was like seeing old friends.  There must have been something for families going on somewhere close by.  First a beautiful family passed us by. The woman commented, “you can tell we don’t believe in that.” Her children were so beautiful. Thanks be to God she chose life!

I thought of her when I saw the 2 couples coming out and the workers leaving. It must have been an early evening because the security guards were the last to leave around 5 pm. Praise God! I was told that it appeared that today was a “light day” for abortions.  I thought later, wouldn’t it be wonderful if someday soon, there were no abortions done here!!

A funny little story. There was a family that walked by us with their ballons and foam swords. A boy around 5 was walking along, and he went up to the doors of planned parenthood and put the sword in through the door handles. Something you would do if you were to keep people out 0f planned parenthood.

His Dad pulled it out, and told his son not to do that but I thought, “Amen little guy, I wish we could put a real sword of truth in those door handles and prevent people from ever entering there again.”








3 thoughts on “Day 11 – Vigil participants from St. Killian’s, St. Maria Goretti, Holy Family, and St. Ferdinand’s witness for life

  • February 24, 2013 at 10:38 am

    The poor little guy will have to walk around the semicircle, now.

  • February 24, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    Bob and Joan, the sign looks GREAT. I know it wasn’t cheap to get thing made. Thanks you for that, and your many other sacrifices.

    Ray, nice pictures and stories.

    And St. Vincent, you made me very proud of my alma mater.


  • February 24, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    I LOVE Bob’s new sign “ALIVE YET UNBORN” – it is so powerful. Thank you Bob!!!

    Thank you to those who have offered Rachel’s Vineyard brochures to hurting women and men seeking healing. This is SO important! Most people have NO idea that there is healing for them.

    Please keep the Rachel’s Vineyard ministry in prayer as we are expanding our program to the women (and men in the future) at the Allegheny County Jail.

    Blessings! Pamela Carney


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