Day 7 – St. Gregory’s Catholic Church in Zelionopole – Uplifting story about woman who changed her mind and chose life

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1

An inspiring event occured this morning when a pregnant woman chose life. Read about it in Shift Manager Sally’s witness below.

There were 10 of us on this very windy morning.  A little rain, but mostly just dark & chilly. Our friend up the street wished death to the early people, not once, but twice. Yet when I went by his restaurant he said “Good morning”.  Perhaps he did not recognize me.

PP was slow.  Not a lot of customers, but even one is too many.
Abortionist Beatrice Chen and 2 students went in at 9 a.m.  We had 3 regular pray-ers.  The others came from Plum Creek Presbyterian, St. Gregory & St. Matthias.

Robert, Lois, Gary and Victoria, from St. Gregory and St Mattias

We did have a turnaround this morning.  I talked for a while with a very young African-American girl and her boyfriend. They were talking in front of the Gyro shop.  I gave her the list of places to go for help and two other items. Finally she hugged me and told me that she would not have the abortion.  After I went back up to PP they continued to hang out & talk for a long time.  Then they left, but must have been wandering around town. They showed up again & that time they went into the gyro shop to eat.  They came out a long time later  and disappeared down Liberty Avenue.  Each time she saw me she waved to me.  Please pray for her to keep her promise not to abort.  The guy was very quiet, but I could sense that he was not really happy about how things turned out, so he might try to pressure her.  In case anybody sees her at PP again, they are easy to  spot.  She is very short and thin and was wearing a white furry jacket.  He is extremely big built and a lot taller than she is. Thanks.  Sally

In the mid-day shift, several people were open to the message we are communicating. Read about is from Charlotte’s testimony below.

The 11-3 shift was greeted hearing the good news of a woman Choosing Life!!   We had at first many who would not take any literature and some I think workers who gave me looks, but after that many took the baby models and literature.  I believe 5 couples in all did this.  One seemingly happy girl took the fetal model from me but did not see the literature.  Her male friend actually told her to get it from me and then they returned to the car parked just beside the entrance to Planned Parenthood.  Couples seem to go in but not stay for a long period.  This was what we seem to observe.  So who knows exactly how many change of hearts today!   I think we always have more than what the numbers tell.  For every one that we know— there are ? on how many we cannot know for sure.  But what we do know is that God loves us and sees our efforts and hears our prayers!!  We have to be so thankful and trust in Him!!
I want to thank Jim Shantz from St. Gregory for his efforts in getting the word out at our parishes-  St. Gregory and St. Matthias.  We will hopefully little by little add to our numbers for the 40 Days.  Until the day when abortion is No longer…

Another uplifting story came from the late afternoon shift when we got word that another person will be joining us soon. Read about it in Sheila’s witness below.

A young man named Clarence, who is set to be released from a halfway house next week, said he plans to come and join us.  He said he could not bear the thought of babies being killed inside of Planned Parenthood.  He had no idea they did that.

Another woman waiting for the bus said she noticed that PP has a sign in their window in support of the “One Billion Rising to End Violence Against Women and Girls.”  She thought it was quite ironic!

God Bless,


Here is a photo from the third shift:

Jim and Cathy from St. Gregory, along with shift managers Roseann and Rich


Jim and Tony

Evening shift manager Roseann wrote:

Hi All,  Had some friendly responses and some not so friendly as usual.   One man stopped to thank us for being there and that he was adopted and was grateful that his mother chose adoption instead of abortion.  Jim and Cathy Shantz stood with us for most of the evening.  We were grateful for their company.   Sheila took a picture of the group before she left her shift.   Another day done.

Rose & Rich King

Thank you so much for everything that all of you are doing. Keep up the great work!


God Bless,



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