Day 3: Faithful Volunteers and Stories to Touch the Heart

During our first shift today, Sally took this photo of some of our faithful and devoted prayer warriors:

Prayer volunteers from this morning


Ginny, another Shift Manager from today, shared this sweet story:

I wish I had had my camera today. My 5 year old granddaughter,  Brooklynne, passed out 20 rosaries, 30 flyers, and at least 30 fetal model babies. Most people could not resist her. When she finished with the hard plastic ones I had, she had 5 of the soft blanketed ones from last year. She would kiss each one before she handed it out. People’s faces lit up!

There was a very nice lady there with 3 of her home-schooled daughters. She has 10 children and 5 of them adopted. What wonderful people you meet doing this work.


Later in the day, Shift Manager Pat took some photos of volunteers who prayed with him:

Susan, who is a regular in spite of many health problems, has a way of getting passerbys to take our prolife literature.
As Pat said, “Our new sandwich board looks fantastic. (Think PP will get one now?)”
Joe from Plum with the very faithful Cahill family from Beaver. Left to right: Kathryn, Lisa, Nati, and Esther.



During the last shift of the day, Nikki had some heartfelt experiences that she shares here:

I didn’t take any photos because we didn’t have any more vigil participants join us after 3pm…and Pat had already taken a photo of them…the beautiful Cahill family.

So, for two hours, Lisa, Nati, Esther, Catherine and I stood witness.  We prayed for about half an hour and after that we simply stood our lonely and cold vigil.  We faced the building that today stole dozens of sons and daughters from unknowing mothers and fathers.  Sadly, even as late as 6:30, young women and their boyfriends were still exiting the clinic.  It must have been a very busy day for girls to be leaving so late.  As I watched one African-American woman walk slowly down the sidewalk after leaving Planned Parenthood all alone, my heart went out to her.  She was without her treasure….a diamond that she had unwittingly pawned for a few bucks.

When I first got to the vigil, I set out my fetal model display, like I usually do.  It has life-like models of babies from 7 weeks all the way up to 30 weeks.  It always draws people’s attention…especially from young people…so I like to bring it.  However, after seeing the women leaving the clinic after their abortions….it seemed cruel to have the display right where they would see it.  So, I covered it with a blanket.

Lisa and I prayed for the last woman as she left with her boyfriend at about 6:45.

On a more positive note, there were many young people walking in town today, due to a Christian conference called “Jubilee” which is being held at the Convention Center.  A couple pastors who were in town stopped to thank us for our witness.  One was from Ohio and he already knew of 40 Days for Life.

Two young black women with a small boy in tow stopped to check out the fetal models.  They let the little boy hold the models and expressed their disbelief that it could be legal to kill a child in the womb.  “Why is it any different to kill them IN the womb than OUT of the womb?” one of them asked.

We are a light.  Let’s keep the torch going for another 37 days, shall we?

Your sister in Christ,



2 thoughts on “Day 3: Faithful Volunteers and Stories to Touch the Heart

  • February 16, 2013 at 8:08 am

    Heidi and I were in town for a completely different purpose but mindful of Nikki”s pleas for help at Planned Parenthood for Friday morning. It turned out too many volunteers had unexpectedly shown up to our original plan! It felt like our Lord had brought us downtown today to pray at Planned Parenthood.

    It was the first time I prayed on an abortion day. It was markedly more intense and I could immediately see the importance of making sure shift managers aren’t alone on abortion days! I felt an URGENT need to pray. Thinking of stories I have heard of confusion that happens inside Planned Parenthood when the Rosary is being prayed outside, that became a priority.

    We watched couples and single women go in and later come out. It was heart-wrenching. I am haunted by memories of eye contact I made with some of the women before they went in and after they came back out. One woman’s face was all red, tears streaming down her face. Another woman and I just looked at each other, a long, sad, look. All I could say was “God loves you.”

    We watched one girl hesitate to go inside and then come outside, calling the people who dropped her off. As we prayed, we watched excitedly, thinking she had changed her mind. The car that had dropped her off came by, she walked over and then to our extreme disappointment, took her wallet from them and went inside. Amazingly, the next words of the rosary we were praying were “The fruit of this mystery is perseverance.” It was an opportunity to offer the suffering of this disappointment and the pain of what we were watching for the salvation of all souls involved.

    One very uplifting moment came from a child (of course). One of the prayers brought beautiful signs with a large picture of Jesus with a child. The little boy (maybe 5 years old) walked right up to Jesus with such delight! Let the children come to me…

    We a very beautiful prayer time with Pastor Matt, reading scripture from Jeremiah. I hope Matt will bring people from his church as well.

    I took away from this experience a renewed urgency for this effort, especially supporting abortion days with prayer, fasting and presence.

  • February 17, 2013 at 10:51 am

    Thanks for sharing your experience at the vigil Karen! I hope it will inspire others to make an effort to come to the vigil and pray from home also on abortion days!


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