Day 1…St. Thomas More, St. Mary’s in Herman & Building on Christ Ministries light the torch!

We have a 40 day “marathon” ahead of us on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood.  For the next 40 days, more than 80 churches and groups will be passing the torch that these first three groups lit today.  With God’s help, we won’t let the light go out, we won’t drop the torch and we will persevere with determination to continue our witness until March 24th!  Thanks to all the wonderful people who came to the vigil today…and to all those who are praying and fasting for lives to be saved…hearts to be changed and for our 40 year wandering through the wilderness of abortion to finally come to an end!

Here are photos and stories from today’s vigil:

Witnesses from St. Thomas More in Bethel Park
First-time shift manager Kathy, with Laverne from Incarnation of the Lord church

Cathy, who managed the early-morning shift wrote:

The quiet first morning was shared with the lovely people from St. Thomas Moore, and a couple who just showed up!  There was a fair number of people who went into the clinic, including a couple of young couples, one of whom I was able to give some literature on their way out.  Our friend from the cafe paid his first visit, but saying we should save the babies and kill the old people!  Oh my!

Vigil participants arrive from St. Mary’s in Herman…Joyce and Cecelia are joined with vigil “regular”, William


Betty, Larry and Margie, from St. Mary’s in Herman


Rev. Bryan loves to engage people in conversation and gives a Christ-like witness
Darryl came to pray all the way from Uniontown!
Steven stopped to tell us his story. 13 years ago his girlfriend became pregnant and was determined to have an abortion. He did his best to talk her out of it, but she persisted. She almost convinced him that abortion would be the best solution…but he realized how wrong it would be and begged her to let their child live. Thanks to God, he now has a 13 year old son, Lamondae, who is the light of his life! (shown in the photo)


Cecelia and Joyce love to reach out to our community with the love of Christ!
Third shift begins when managers Barbara and husband Richard arrive. Pictured with vigil participants Susan, Tony and Joe.

The last church today, “Building on Christ Ministries” came for the first time to our vigil.  Read the uplifting testimony from Barbara below.

Today is the first day for the Spring, 2013, 40 Days for Life campaign.  I’m shift manager for the 3 to 7 o’clock shift.  Just moments after 3 o’clock the rain and snow began.  Both continued relentlessly for the next 4 hours.

Nonetheless, just as persistently, our resolute volunteers, Richard, Tony, Joe, Earl,  along with Jessica and Katee (representing  B.U.C. Ministries) showed up to pray for an end to abortion.  At Mass today we prayed, “Create a clean heart in me, O God….”

This evening we prayed that God would use the love indicated by our prayerful witness in this very tiresome weather to help people choose life for their baby, even if the pregnancy created a crisis in their life.  We were ready to listen.  We had our handouts and talking points ready to indicate all the free confidential help available in our area.  But the weather preempted any real conversations.

David, a prolife student activist from Northwestern University stopped for a moment on his way to dinner.  He says they have a 40 Days for Life campaign in his neighborhood.

A man walking by asked why we were there.  When he heard that they did abortions “in that building,” he said, “I hate abortion.”  He works downtown and was on this street daily.  “Ask me to do any errand when you see me.  Ask me to go for coffee.  I want to help.”

A woman stopped to talk with Jessica, Katee and me.  Her life felt like a mess today.  The four of us joined hands and prayed for her.

Earl was interested in becoming more effective in side walk counseling.  He plans to come by on Saturday morning to learn from some of our experts.

Each volunteer this evening showed up because of God.  Each volunteer stayed, ready to offer love to abortion vulnerable people.  Each of us knows that God does amazing things with open hearts.

Barbara Lewis

Shift manager




2 thoughts on “Day 1…St. Thomas More, St. Mary’s in Herman & Building on Christ Ministries light the torch!

  • February 13, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    What an inspiring story from Steven!! Wonderful to see a man fight for his child’s life.

  • February 14, 2013 at 9:27 am

    We offer our prayers at daily Mass for the success of the “40 Days for Life Pittsburgh” campaign. And hope to come down in person so day.


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