Photos from the Closing Rally!

What a blessed time of fellowship our 40 Days for Life community enjoyed last night in the warm, cozy Welcome Center of Catholic Charities!  Thanks to the faithful and talented Lori Snatchko for taking these photos!  Enjoy…

Candlelight and music closed our 40-day vigil!
Rev. Bryan Werner led us in song



Lisa did the important job of managing the vigil shift manager’s schedules and whose encouraging emails prior to our shifts helped boost our determination!

Pastor Shawn Kirkland blesses us with his presence!
Shift Managers Rich and Roseann

After singing hymns, Pastor Shawn led us in a closing prayer, as we all gathered in a circle around the entrance to Planned Parenthood, and raised our hands toward those doors of death.


Defeating the Darkness!
Storming the Gates of Hell with the Body of Christ in prayer!

Al and Sally


Rev. Bryan blows the shofar to officially end our 40-day vigil
We gathered together at Catholic Charities Welcome Center for food, fun and fellowship

After walking the short block from Planned Parenthood to Catholic Charities Welcome Center, we gathered for an opening prayer before digging in to the delicious pot-luck meals that everyone brought.

Pastor Adam Stump opened our time of fellowship in prayer


What a blessing to pray together in the warmth of the Welcome Center!
The awesome and talented band, INTENT blesses us with their music during our time of food and fellowship!
Jarod, April and Andy have amazing voices and made this event extra special!
We sharpen each other when we get together!
Joe Bruni “MC’s” the event (He likes to say he is the “voice” of 40 days)
Dr. Timothy Fahrenholz, co-leader of this campaign, opens up the evening by his heart-felt thanks offered to all participants of 40 Days for Life.

Nikki thanks the vigil shift managers and invites them to come forward to be recognized
Special thanks is given to shift managers Al and Sally Brunn, who manage 3 of the 21 weekly shifts (1/7 of our vigil!). Both in their 80’s, they regularly witness at Planned Parenthood every abortion day…and have done so for the past 22 years!
They receive the gift that Nikki made for them
Shift Managers receive a thank-you plaque, along with a beaded necklace made up of 40 Christ beads, symbolizing the unity of Christ’s body during these 40 days.


Our dedicated and faithful shift managers make 40 Days for Life possible!
Shift managers are given gifts from Nikki


Dear Lisa with her gift
Shift Managers

Al offers free pro-life bumper stickers to all…tells us he has 15 on his car!
Beth represents People Concerned for the Unborn Child (PCUC), the oldest pro-life organization in Western PA and a huge sponsor of Pittsburgh’s 40 Days for Life!
Fr. Tim Kruthaupt, of Church of the Resurrection in the Greensburg Diocese, speaks to us about the significance of the fact that our Lord and Savior came to us through the womb of a woman and the importance of being a witness to the dignity of vulnerable human life.
Amy Scheuring, Ex. Dir. of Women’s Choice Network spoke encouraging words to us, as she informed us that AT LEAST 8 women came into her pregnancy resource centers that had been referred by our 40 Days for Life vigil participants during this campaign!
Amy told us that the fact that we are knitting together a strong Christian pro-life community through 40 Days for Life is an amazing thing! She called our community a “net” and related the story of Jesus instructing his disciples to cast their net on the other side of the boat to what we are doing with our 40 day witness. We are catching souls and lives for Christ!

Pastor Adam Stump spoke to us about the ways in which witnessing at the abortion clinic has been a blessing to him and to members of his church.  He encouraged us to continue this witness after the campaign is over!

Our closing rally was a wonderful way to end our 40 Days for Life!  Thanks to all who participated for a successful campaign!

Ash Wednesday, 2013, will begin the next 40 Days for Life.  The date is February 13th….BRRRR….I am cold already!  See you then!

Your sister in Christ,



4 thoughts on “Photos from the Closing Rally!

  • November 5, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    If we looked around at the city, we saw a not-very-welcoming atmosphere–almost empty streets and dark storefronts, yet in front of the darkest house of death was joy, hope and trust that God will answer our prayers. Even as we mourned the death of the babies, we knew that they are safe with Him.
    And the feast that awaited us in the warmth of the Catholic Charities home was a marvel of generosity, thoughtfulness and good will.
    Thank you to INTENT who brought their holy voices. Thank you to everyone who spoke from their hearts. God is good! All the time!

  • November 5, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Let us pray that pro life leaders are elected on 11/6. God Bless!

  • November 5, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed the closing rally, although I had to leave early. It was good to see old prolife friends, but I noticed a lot of people I didn’t know this time around. What a good sign this is that more and more churches and individuals are becoming involved in this most important work.

    As we take time to rest and refresh before the next campaign, let us make it a point to tell others about this wonderful witness in our city. If we don’t, who will?

  • November 5, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    Thank you Nikki for another job well done


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