Day 39 – The home stretch

“Behold, we consider those blessed who remained steadfast.” James 5:11

Today, vigil participants remained steadfast in prayer for the cause of life. Read about how in the stories from Sally and yours truly below.

Sally wrote:

What a strong finish for the last Saturday of the 40 Days for Life!  A little over 50 people, including 4 small children who came with their parents, and were very good in spite of the cold morning.

family from St. Elizabeth

Many people came from Living Hope Church in Ligonier, from Word of God, Swissvale, from Legacy Church in WV, from Gateway Community Church in OH, St.
Vincent College, Father Tim’s people, and many others. PP was busy early on, but after 9 a.m. very few girls went in.  Even the escorts left at 9:30 instead of staying until 10 a.m. or later. There was constant prayer, and song, all morning.

Early morning prayer participants from Word of God parish
Prayer Warriors from Word of God in Swissvale

The restaurant man made his usual appearance, this time choosing to berate a family of 6, which included 4 extremely well behaved small children.  I explained to them that this is an almost daily occurrence and that the man needs prayers.  A lot of customers had left PP by the time my shift was over, leading me to believe that they had gone in for contraception or RU486 rather than surgical abortions.

From the second shift: 

Today, for the second shift, things went smoothly, for the most part. Vigil participants  from Word of God (who extended their stay after the first shift) and Ave Maria participated. Jean Laible was also there, and Bill and Susan were there as well. I am always inspired by Susan, a strong and consistent witness for life who continues to overcome the challenges of being in a wheelchair to participate. Some of the women coming out of the building took our literature, and some didn’t; we prayed for all of them.

Day 39 Second shift champions for life


We had an interesting conversation with a gentleman from the Sudan named Daniel, who was generally supportive of what we were doing and observed the similarity between the evil going on inside the building that we were standing next to and the evil committed against the persecuted Christians in Sudan, many of whom were also unjustly killed. After he left, we included the persecuted Christians in Sudan in our prayer intentions.


Early in the second shift, the guy from the restaurant walked by and sarcastically quoted the verse from Jeremiah 1:5 on our signs (Before I formed you I the womb, I knew you). Later on, he came over and yelled at us and told one of our vigil participants not to get any closer than two feet from the yellow line, otherwise he would call the police. He also said that we were ruining his business. One of our vigil participants simply said “Have a nice day.” After he left, I told the vigil participants about what he has been doing throughout the vigil and not to worry about it, and followed up by saying that we should pray for him, which we should.



God Bless,

Dr. Timothy Fahrenholz

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