Day 35…Sandy Doesn’t Stop our Dedicated Participants!

Thanks to the dedicated Vigil Shift Managers and many individual participants…our vigil never broke down!  I am in awe of our wonderful 40 Days for Life family here in Pittsburgh!  People who could have stayed warm and dry at home and work…instead chose to stand on a windy, freezing cold and wet sidewalk to pray for an end of abortion.  Surely God has seen our sacrifice and heard our prayers.

Early morning Shift Manager Sally wrote:

It wasn’t a bad morning at all.  Rainy & very cold, yes, but less wind than we get a lot of days when there is no hurricane.  Meredith & Pat stood with Al for the first two hours. Also, three girls came down to see what the 40 Days is all about after hearing David Bereit speak last week. They heard about it somewhere on the internet and drove over there.  Two of them gave me their email addresses. After they left, I was alone for a while, and then Lillian arrived.  She was still there, talking with Dee when I left.

Al did not see an abortionist go into PP, but many people went in.  I saw two groups of 5 people each, mixed races & sexes, come out together and go away.  It was too early for them to be leaving after abortions, so I can’t imagine why they all were in there, and why they came out in big groups like that.

A young couple arrived with 2 little children.  He left the woman
inside, took the children out & did not return.  It is always sad when people who have a child or children show up to eliminate the next sibling.  They don’t understand that they are eliminating their future grandchildren, as well as the new child.

Many, many people said “God bless you” to us this morning.  One woman looked at lonely me with my sign & rosary & said, “That’s dedication”.

A few times over the years we have seen people at PP who do or say obscene things over and over, as though that is going to make us stop praying and run away.  This was such a morning.  Two blond women were sitting in Planned Parenthood’s waiting room & they kept pulling up the blind and
making obscene gestures over and over, coordinating the gestures.  After getting no response from Lillian and I they finally stopped pulling up the blind and shortly after that they came out and walked down Liberty.

The second shift manager, Dee, wrote:

Shift 2 went quite well. A bit cold, but, no particular incidences. Business at the clinic was slow.  6 people showed up unexpectedly, along with those planned for 11 and 12:00. So, we had a good turnout in spite of weather fears.

One fellow, Bill, who has been around a lot, showed up at 1:30 and stayed with me until 3:00.  Also, another elderly fellow, showed up with his sign saying that Abortion is premeditated murder. No doubt he has been there before. He knelt down on the curb for about a minute. Then said a number of things: “Amercia wake up!  They are killing babies and no one cares. All they want is money, etc. After about 20 mins or so, he left.

Sheila and Roseann shared the third shift.  Sheila reported a quiet shift.  She did have individuals join her on the sidewalk.  If I hear any news from the final two hours from Roseann, I will post it here.

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  • October 31, 2012 at 4:39 am

    Let us pray for an end to the culture of death. God Bless!


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