Day 34…Wet Witnesses for Life!

God calls hardy people into the pro life battle, and I am blessed to know them!  This morning I was scheduled to be alone from 7am-11am…but Cathy suprised me by showing up right at 7am to stand with me.


We made somewhat pitiful, wet witnesses…with only our faces peering out from our rain ponchos.  One passerby mocked us, calling us nuns and sang “Ave Maria” as he walked by.  Other comments early this morning were hostile also.  Strange.  Usually when we are alone and the weather is bad, we get favorable comments.  We did get some nice comments as the morning went on.  I had an opportunity to witness about Christ to a man who is getting his PHD from Pitt in Science.  We had a long discussion…I hope I planted some seeds.  He said he used to believe, but after traveling and learning about other cultures and faiths…he has become too “knowledgeable” to believe in Christianity.  I told him that the Bible says the wisdom of God is foolishness to those who think they are wise…that we are called to have the faith of a child.

Beth showed up a little after 9:30am and stayed till 11am.  She had to come back to do her 1-3pm shift.  What dedication!  Here is a photo:

Beth and Cathy

Soon, the 11am-1pm manager, Cil, showed up with a few ladies from St. Joseph parish in Butler.  Here is a photo:

Cil and William
Beth with ladies from St. Joseph

Beth wrote:

Valiant prayer warriors, Providence and Joyce toughed out the wind and rain and around 3 p.m. Dean came to our soggy rescue.  But as we were getting ready to leave, a young woman carrying a blanket-covered something walked past and another woman, helping her, said, “She needs help.”  So off to Catholic Charities, where we discovered under that blanket a beautiful one-month old baby boy in need of a diaper change.  As usual, the kind people at CC took over, found her a bus pass home, and a fantastic young volunteer helped her on the bus and carried all her gear.
So, the next time anyone complains that all the 40 Days for Life people do is annoy abortion centers, just smile and know that when presented with a need, we take care of it, prayer into action even in the rain.  P.S. please pray for the young woman and her son, both very needy.

Rosalina and her vigil shift manager “buddy” (and hubby), Francis, sent in this report from the last shift:

“Oh what a shift !!!  Francis relieved me at 5:00 and I was numb, and frostbitten.  I kept saying I want to do this for the children…Mary Jane was there and Dean finished up the vigil with Francis.  When F.X. (Francis) came home, I thought he WAS “Sandy the Hurricane” because he was so disheveled!”

We have had many cancellations for tomorrow morning…understandably so.  So, it looks like we mayl have to cancel the vigil tomorrow morning.  Early morning Shift Managers Al and Sally will make that decision first thing in the morning.  Stay posted for details.


One thought on “Day 34…Wet Witnesses for Life!

  • October 30, 2012 at 12:53 am

    Let us pray for the people in the path of hurricane Sandy and for an end to abortion. God Bless!


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