Day 28 – “We choose life”

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!” Philippians 4:4

Today was, indeed, a day for rejoicing, as the gift of life was chosen by two abortion vulnerable women.  Read about these uplifting stories from Sally and Charlotte below.

Sally wrote:

It was a beautiful, warm morning with just a touch of rain early on. Fr. Brennan, from St. Robert Bellarmine arrived before 7 a.m., followed by Lillian, Bill Depner, Helen Cindrich and two other St. Robert people. The abortionist, Beatrice Chen, went into Planned Parenthood a little early, about 8:45. About 9:30, a woman and her daughter came out.  They had not been in long enough to have an abortion.  The woman said something in a low voice.  We were praying, and neither Lillian or Bill or I heard or understood what she said, but Helen heard, “she changed her mind“.  They walked down Liberty Avenue and did not return.

Here is another account of this possible “save”, as told by Helen:

“When I got to PP at 8:30 or so, Fr. Brennan and Al had been there since   before sunrise. Today was an abortion day. Young girls went in, usually with   a girlfriend, though one or two came with men. The toughest one to watch was   the woman who went in, followed by a soldier in Army fatigues. Here was a man   willing to give his life for our country, yet he was here to destroy a   precious, innocent life. Did he not see the contradiction. Beatrice Chen, the   abortionist, walked across the street and into PP like it was just another   work day. Standing there, I wondered what in her life brought her to this   choice of “career.”

We prayed and prayed again. As Lillian, Sally and I were praying the   rosary, two women, I’d say a mother and daughter, came out. It was too soon   for the younger woman to have had an abortion since it was not long after   Beatrice Chen went in. The “mother” spoke as she passed our little   group. What I thought I heard her say was, “She changed her mind.”   Bill, who was on the other side of the door, came over after they moved up   the street. He said he saw the lady’s lips moving as she passed us, but he   did not hear what she said. Lillian was not quite sure. We decided to hope   that what I heard was correct. If so, a life was saved. God is good! All the   time!

The very  interesting aspect of this story is that last spring, it   was on the day that our parish, St. Robert Bellarmine, was at PP, another   young woman came out of PP, saying she would not have an abortion. At that   time also, Fr. Brennan was standing there, praying quietly. We learned   several weeks later that the woman re-changed her mind and had an abortion.   But for that day, we rejoiced that a life was saved. We don’t know what   circumstances brought the lady back again. We will continue to pray for her.

Close to the time for our shift change, a group came. The first lady said   they were from St. Mary’s. Since there are more than a few “St.   Mary” churches in our area, I said, “Which St. Mary’s?” The   lady said, “St. Mary’s, PA.” Wow! That’s a long drive and true   dedication to the cause of life. Accompanied by their pastor, about half a   dozen or so people took their places to witness for life and quietly pray for   the women and their children, as well as the employees of PP caught in the   web of evil and death. It’s not easy to turn and walk away at the end of   your shift. Thank God that there are other witnesses to take our place.”

Here is a photo of the group from St. Robert Bellarmine parish in McKeesport:

Lillian, Bill, Helen Cindrich and Fr. Brennan

About 10 a.m. a large group of people arrived from a far distance: St. Mary’s PA.  This is their second year to join us.  Last year there were about 4 or 5, and this year 8. Included was a Benedictine priest, and two Benedictine nuns, one in full habit.

Here is a photo:

A few locals arrived later, including Bill, a very nice African-American man who has been joining us.  We had a little over 20 people praying up to 11 a.m.  Passer-bys were almost all nice. The restaurant man came down to throw a few slurs at Fr. Brennan.  Please continue to pray for him.  The book store man was in and out, but his sign about hypocrites, so prominent on Saturday, was nowhere to be seen. Please pray for him also.  Thank you.

Charlotte’s witness below about another woman who chose life also lifted the spirits of all of the vigil participants present. Read about her story below.

Charlotte wrote:

A group of very prayerful individuals from St. Mary’s in Elk County were at the vigil with me today.  I have met them before and was so happy to be out with them today.  Here is a photo of some of them:

Folks from St. Mary’s in Elk County!

A Young girl with her older friend or more likely her Mother was entering Planned Parenthood today.   After a little while her “Mom” left the building and the young girl yelled out the front doors of Planned Parenthood, “Get in here”.  I noticed and wondered about that. They left about an half of an hour later.  The mom turned with a smile on her face and said, “we choose life“.  I did a double take and then said “Praise God!”  I gave her Mom the hand-out on “Abortion is Forever”.   The young girl turned and was embarrassed.  They went into the book store.  I went to get the pregnancy resource information sheet, then I ran over and asked if they left the book store. I peeked in and she made eye contact with me and came and stood by the front door. (Before this I had quickly ran over to everyone and asked them to say a prayer of thanksgiving!!)  I talked to the girl, giving her the paper , trying to point out “Womens Choice Network”.   She shook her head “yes”.  I asked her name- “D” she replied.  “D” I will pray for you,” I answered,  and I am sure we all will.   She asked me if I had a lighter, I said , “No, but if I had my purse, I would have a match.”  Then we laughed,  not sure why…maybe a laugh of relief.  I said again, ” I will Pray for You “D”… these numbers will help you.”

You know-  today shows the efforts of all those who truly I admire… that come year after year after year. Praying earnestly, not giving up, constantly sending the message to Our Father above.  Those that are homebound,  those in Prayer Groups, those praying in whatever form that is sent above.  You see no matter what form, God wants you to communicate with Him.  The St. Mary’s Group today was diligent – praying and their prayers and the prayers of all those in that space prior to them can say thank you.  One more life saved.  Who knows what that child will be, how the life of Doria will be effected!    God your goodness shines through, in this child.   Please we beg you for Your Blessing upon them…   Thank You!

Below are some pictures of the pro-life champions from today:

Day 28 Sally with member of the community
Day 28 The Lord’s servants

The Third shift was shared as usual by Sheila from 3-5pm and Roseann and hubby Rich from 5-7pm.  The church that adopted the 3-7pm shift was St. Peter & Paul Ukranian Catholic Church in Ambridge.  Sheila took this photo of them:

Wonderful prayer witness from SS. Peter & Paul in Ambridge

Sheila wrote:

“I was able to pass out a lot of literature to passerbys.  I was honored to have Mary Ann from St. Louise de marillac and Deacon Mark, Fr. Walter and Fr. Mike from SS. Peter & Paul Church in Ambridge praying with me.  Our presence was appreciated by many and a kind man named Steve donated $5 to our campaign!

Roseann also reported that her shift went well and was well attended by members of SS. Peter and Paul.

If any more reports come in, they will be posted here.

God Bless,

Dr. Timothy M. Fahrenholz

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  • October 29, 2012 at 9:41 am

    What wonderful news, Charlotte. We will put “D” on our pregnant lady prayer list. Sally


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