Day 27…Dedicated Individuals Answer the call…and Corpus Christi Parish witnesses for Life!


It is SO inspiring to see such dedication as we saw today!  Although we had no church presence for either the morning OR the afternoon shift…and as recently as last week, we had no individuals signed up either…MANY dedicated individuals came to fill our vigil today!

Cathy, the morning shift manager took these photos:

Ed and Claire
Dedicated Volunteer, Vince
Beth…praying her prayers every Monday all year round!

Cathy wrote:

“It was a quiet morning, I was joined by Ed, who said that, while he has been here before, and will come again, he made a point of coming today, his birthday, for all the babies who won’t have a birthday!  I was able to pass out a few flyers, got the daily visit from the cafe owner,  some “thank you’s”,  “God bless you”‘s, as well as the not nice greetings, including from a young man pushing his little daughter in the stroller.  Planting seeds.”

Cil had a moving witness about a woman who had two abortions early in her life, but chose life for later pregnancies, and was willing to listen to Cil’s message about the Lord’s healing forgiveness. Other encouraging signs occurred when two women agreed to accept information about resources that can help them, both of them stating that they did not want an abortion, one of whom accepted it after exiting Planned Parenthood. Read about Cil’s uplifting witness below:


We had beautiful weather for our 11-1 shift.  I was thankful to have Provie join me for the ride down and for my shift.  William was there when we arrived and we enjoyed his praise stories, praying with him and his company.  Here is a picture of them both.

Day 27 William and Provie


Beth’s sister, Rose, arrived around noon not realizing that her sister would be coming shortly for her shift.  I took a picture when Beth returned.  Provie and I enjoyed singing together with Rose.

Day 27 Beth and Rose


Before even arriving to PP, a woman, who confessed to being an alcoholic, stopped us on Liberty and also mentioned to us about receiving the red rose.  Provie was carrying the “Women Do Regret Their Abortions” sign.  The woman confessed to having 2 abortions and being so sorry about them.  She also has two other children.  She was not able to care for the second so she placed her in adoption.  She recently heard from the granddaughter and found out that they were doing well.  I told her that that was a wonderful story and that she can feel good about the choice that she made.  She was still upset about the abortions so I gave her resources for abortion healing.  I told her that her children and God forgives her.  She said she knows that her children do but she wasn’t sure about God.  We told her that she can be assured that he forgives.  Please pray for her healing from the abortions, trust in God’s mercy and alcoholism.


While Provie, William and I were gathered near the theater, a single young black girl with beautiful fall colors in her hair tried to enter the theater.  I asked if we could help her.  She seemed lost and I asked if she was looking for PP.  She was.  I showed her some of the resources that I had in my hands and asked if we could help her.  She said that she just needed to talk with them and refused to stop before entering PP.  So I/we prayed for her while she was in there.  When she came back out she slowly came our way and I again showed her the resources.  She said she did not want an abortion.  But she did take the pregnancy help info and contraception/chastity info that I had.  She asked why the pill was dangerous and so I shared what I knew and the resources.  Please pray for her.


Later, while Provie, Rose and I were singing, another young black lady passed by in a rush.  But she stopped abruptly when she saw our signs.  She demanded, “Tell me why you are here”!  She said she was in a hurry to get to work so she wanted a quick answer.  I told her that we were with the 40 Days for Life, that PP was there and they performed abortions and kill babies there.  But she asked again, “But why are YOU here!”  So I did tell her that we have resources for other places women can go to receive free help and testing for them and their child.  She said, “Give me it, I’m pregnant and don’t want an abortion”.  Thankfully I had a packet right there to give her.  She was so filled with joy/relief that she clung to the material, kissed the hymnal we were singing from and ran off to her job.  Please keep this young lady in prayer too.


David stopped by at the end of our shift asking me for money for his daughter that needed clothes.  I reluctantly gave him a little but I don’t know that is why the money was really needed.  I don’t feel comfortable giving out cash again.  I believe that he is in trouble and needs our prayers the most.


Provie and I stopped after our shift to our antagonist’s restaurant, City Café.  After finding we were there for the vigil, we had some lively conversations with the owner.  He would like to see 4 groups removed from the street… PP, us (the “protesters” he calls us), and the 2 gay bars.  I told him we hope to help him with 2 of the 4… our goal is to have PP close down so we no longer need to be there!  J  It is God’s will!


This afternoon, from 1-3pm, Beth was the Shift Manager.  She wrote:

How beautiful the day was.  First, autumn weather that was picture perfect. And co-workers, just as wonderful.  Tony from St. Joan of Arc, Joe and Mike from Corpus Christi and a surprise, my sister Rose was there when the shift started.  Little activity at the office except for a new intercom being installed.  I learned a lot just watching the young man who drilled, connected, wired the thing to the wall.  And after he finished, he asked me,”Don’t people realize what Margaret Sanger was up to?  Don’t they know what they want to do, eugenics?”  Besides being a skillful electrician, this guy knew what was really going on in Planned Parenthood.  We had a great conversation which truly lifted my spirits after David came and started his usual “weeding out the garden” justification for killing preborn children.  Two young men, opposite sides of the story. All from 1-3  p.m. on a autumn Monday afternoon.

This afternoon, from 3pm-7pm, Corpus Christ Parish in McKeesport provided the witness.  The shift manager, Rosalina, took these photos:

The other half of Rosalina…who is Francis, was the Shift Manager from 5-7pm.  He reported that he had up to 4 others with him during his time at the vigil.  A woman who regretted her abortion came up to talk with him  He wrote:

Someone here had given her a red rosé. Poor soul. She regrets her decision. A lonely person, probably, who wonders “why” and thinks about “what could have been.” Pray for her.

I will post more photos and stories as they come in.



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  • October 23, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    How wonderful that God’s people were there to give comfort and information to people who needed and wanted it! Keep on “keeping on”, warriors!


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