Day 26 – St. Maria Goretti vigil participants share the Gospel of Life

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” Matthew 21:22

Prayer is an essential element of our campaign.  Read about the prayerful example set by the vigil participants from St. Maria Goretti in the witness below from Lindsay Mitchem.

This morning, I was humbled and inspired again by the faith and devotion of the Christians I was blessed to pray with at 40 Days for Life.  The shift was adopted by St. Maria Goretti Parish and the Mahon couple, Dan and Joanne, who had just returned from their rejuvenating pilgrimage to Rome with Bishop Zubik and 160 pilgrims from the Pittsburgh Diocese.  Later, we were joined by two inspiring “regulars, Maria Stover and Patty Shelley from Assumption (Bellevue) and St. Bernadette (Monroeville). I regret that I completely forgot to take a photograph of these four good-looking prayer volunteers!

After our pleasant morning greeting of being likened (once again) to “scum”, we had a WONDERFUL day praying for the end of abortion.  I had to marvel that once again, God had sent me parishioners of a Church whose Italian patroness was another young girl that had been a victim of a brutal, violent, and senseless crime.  After being assaulted and then stabbed 14 times, as St. Maria awaited death, she forgave her attacker and begged God’s Mercy upon him.  This affected her killer so profoundly, that after serving 30 years in prison for his crime, he sought out Maria’s family to beg their forgiveness, and both he and Maria’s mother were present together at Maria’s canonization. Who but God could bring about this miracle of forgiveness!

Sadly, unlike the brutal assault and murder of St. Maria, abortion is not also considered a crime against women and their unborn babies.   I heard a profound quotation about the fickleness of laws which stopped me dead in my tracks yesterday, as I was watching a Boris Karloff movie on TCM (Isle of the Dead).  Actress Ellen Drew had what possibly was the only good line in this movie when she said (to Karloff) “Laws can be wrong and laws can be cruel, and the people who live only by the law are both wrong and cruel”. That legalized abortion is not considered a crime against women and their unborn is both wrong and cruel!  St. Maria Goretti, pray for us!”


God Bless,

Dr. Timothy Fahrenholz

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