Day 24, St. John Neuman, PRCSH, Resurrection Church & St. Rita Stand Witness Today!

Dee filled in as Shift Manager for part of the morning shift today. (The Brunn’s had a death in the family and the funeral was this morning.)  She took this photo of the group from St. John Neuman parish, who provided the witness at our vigil this morning:

Dee wrote this interesting account:

The 9 to 11 shift was quite interesting. The fellow from the City Cafe stopped by and told us to go home or something like that.  Someone hollered from a passing car “What about rape”–(and getting pregnant)?  We prayed for Beatrice Chen the abortionist. We prayed for those Catholics who will vote for Obama because it is more important for them to vote Democrat instead of considering the life issue.  We prayed for those bishops, priests, and religious who are not 100% orthodox in their faith. We also prayed for those women who are planning on having abortions.  I also prayed for Obama using Spiritual Warfare prayers, in particular, “Breaking Generational Curses”.

We had surprise guests show up from Doylestown, Pa, Mark and Katherine. They are visiting their son who is studying at Pitt. They stand at the Philly clinic on Fridays, so they joined us to pray the rosary.  Katherine said they usually say the 4 sets of mysteries (20 mysteries of the rosary) followed by the chaplet.  So, we did that, too.

While we were praying and elderly lady showed up with her own sign and her rosary. I went over to her and got her name which is Lillian. She is from Most Holy Name of Jesus Church on Troy Hill. I got really excited. Told her this is my “home parish”–where I received all of the sacraments, etc. She knew my mother, my aunt, uncle, and cousin. It made my day.

(Aside–Holy Name has a wonderful first class relic chapel of 5,000 saints–mostly from early church) A visit and tour is well worth your afternoon. St. Anthony’s chapel on Troy Hill.

While leaving the clinic, the owner of the city cafe was walking toward the clinic again.

Also, David the atheist came by with his daughter, Mary Ann. she is 14 months old. He seems very different from what he was before.

Kathy from South Hills Pregnancy Resource Center took this photo and wrote this beautiful account of her time at the vigil today:

Cathy and Sarah from SHPRC pass out white roses on the sidewalk

“It is no coincidence that your memorial service for pregnancy loss is the night before you pray at planned parenthood.  Take extra roses with you.”  Kathy and Sarah gave roses .  David,atheist,accepted rose as well as Steps to Peace with God booklet.  Prayed with mom who came out crying because her daughter was having ab. Prayed with woman who came up ,asking will God forgive me because I had abortion.  Prayed with woman who had chose life 18 years ago, then had baby taken away. She now sees him and receives Mothers Day  card.  many passerby offered encouragement.  Got to give out many cards with services of Pregnancy Resource Center of South Hills.

Thank you for spreading the peace, love and forgiveness that Jesus has to offer to those hurting from past abortion!  Praise God for our wonderful witnesses!



2 thoughts on “Day 24, St. John Neuman, PRCSH, Resurrection Church & St. Rita Stand Witness Today!

  • October 19, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    I got to PP a little early this time for my 3 to 5 PM shift-manager duties. After saying goodbye to the previous crew, I was alone for about a minute or two when a woman showed up for her 3 to 4 prayer volunteer shift. Although I had never met her before, when she introduced herself, I realized that she was a friend of my wife’s from her secular Carmelite community. We only spoke for a moment before she said that, since it was 3:00 – the hour of mercy, she said – she was going to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. She then moved to the far left side of the yellow semi-circle near the open doorway and knelt down very close to the building to pray.

    In spite of being on her knees for nearly an hour (first in an upright position, and later in a squat-kneel position) in the middle of downtown sidewalk at the start of rush-hour, she was least obtrusive person around. I never would have believed someone could do what she did and yet be nearly invisible (or so it seemed) to all who passed by.

    It wasn’t until hours later as I was in the car by myself, reflecting on the day, when it occurred to me that it must have been her humility that had cloaked her.

  • October 20, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    I think seeing people praying on their knees is a more powerful witness to passerbys. Even if it appeared no one paid attention, I” bet people were affected by it!


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