Day 23…St. John the Baptist in Plum…Amazing Afternoon Witness written by Lisa & Marilyn!

St. John the Baptist Church in Plum Borough provided the prayer witness ALL DAY today!  Marilyn and Lisa are the Shift Manager “buddies”, that share the 11am-3pm shift.  (Marilyn from 11-1 and Lisa from 1pm-3pm).  They both wrote wonderful accounts of their time today! 

Marilyn wrote:

I was blessed to be joined in prayer with folks from St. John’s in Plum,  St. Bernadette’s and Our Lady of Grace in Scott Township and Our Lady of Grace in Greensburg!   What a wonderful God we have.  Today at the vigil a woman came by who was very upset at us.  She didn’t think the children should be there.  Claimed this was a policical issue and that abortion is legal and that’s that.  Upon further discussion she revealed that she was abused as a child and constantly told that she wasn’t wanted by her adopted mother.   Obviously, this lady has issues.  Well, the amazing thing that happened — just minutes before Rev. Bryan Werner came by the vigil – just to stop – he couldn’t stay, but he wanted to stop by to say hello — he was on the other side of the bubble from this lady, but most likely could hear her, as at times she was very vocal.  He came over and in his very calm way brought peace to the situation and talked with her.  Even though she seemed to still hold firm to her beliefs, it seemed that after Rev. Bryan spoke with her, she calmed down and left not as irate. Thank you Rev. Bryan! I do believe some small seeds of doubt were planted in her mind.  Our Lord sent Rev. Bryan down to the vigil just when we needed  him!  Our God is an awesome God:-)

Marilyn took these photos:

Wonderful witnesses from St. John the Baptist in Plum!
Powerful Witnesses to the Truth!

 Lisa wrote this AMAZING account:

WHAT A SHIFT today… unbelievable.  I told those who came later that it was a shift of “Light and Darkness” for the whole time.  I was alone for almost the whole two hours, which I always say doesn’t bother me one bit…. but then I forget that it DOES bother me when things happen like they did today.  I’ve got to stop acting like a “heroine” and just be humble and ask for company, even if I THINK I won’t need it.

But, putting that aside, let me share some of the highlights of the shift.  One woman went to enter PP, and I said to her that we were there to help.  She glared over her shoulder and said, “No you’re not- you’re just here to help YOURSELVES.”  …..  I just looked at the woman praying with me and said, “WHAT?  That didn’t even make sense!”  Sometimes I can’t wrap my mind around where this kind of attitude comes from.  Shortly after that, a man rode past on his bicycle, saying something like, “As long as you’re here, I’m going to treat you like pigs.”  Sigh…. I just continued my prayers.

On the other hand, there was a couple who stopped at the crosswalk, caught my eye, and smiled.  The woman came over and was very interested, and was hoping to come back with her church, to pray another day!  Wonderful.  And this one was cute…. a policeman rode past on his motorcycle, and I smiled and nodded at him.  He smiled back.  A moment later, he had turned around and came and stopped right in front of me.  I said with a smile, “Yes sir?”  He looked at me and asked, “Are you a nun?”  I smiled and said, “No…”  And then he said, “Well you just seem like such a sweet person…. you can just tell.”  I shook his hand and said, “God bless you.”  Now I don’t share that to sound prideful, but just to emphasize again that WE are the GOOD GUYS!!  We are the ones who are nice!  And we must continue to be so…. people DO notice, and it DOES make a difference!  That policeman may have gained a certain positive attitude about 40 Days for Life JUST from that tiny little exchange.

Now for a story that was both light and dark at the same time.  A man with bright, clear blue eyes came up to me and began a conversation about “choice,” observing that the babies do not have a choice in the matter of abortion.  I agreed, and we continued our conversation for a while.  He explained that he and his wife were traveling preachers who spread the Gospel in all sorts of creative ways.  And he just had such a joyful spirit.  As we were finishing our conversation, a man came up next to me with dark sunglasses on, holding up a clipboard with a handmade sign about being “pro-choice.”  The preacher and I sort of exchanged glances and smiles, and I looked at the newcomer and smiled, and said “Hi.”  He greeted me as well.   The preacher started to talk to him, but when a woman started going into the door of PP, and I made my usual offer of help, this new man began talking over me, and saying that she was doing the right thing, and that this was her right, etc.  But I was NOT about to let him have the last word, so I kept on talking as well, realizing full well that this chaotic spectacle was not helping ANYONE.  So I decided that I’d better just leave that part of the circle.  I walked over to the other side and prayed like crazy, prayed against evil, etc…. and what do you know— he stopped.  He became just another guy, standing on the sidewalk, chatting with others.  After a while, he left.  He even smiled and waved to me as he was leaving.  How bizarre, I thought…. where did he come from?  But I could see that he was not there because he really cared.  He was there to make a statement.  I was there to help that woman.  And actually, after this man left, the woman came back, and I was able to chat with her for a moment more.  Thank God.

As I was typing this, I realized something….. I started this story by saying that it was about light and darkness at the same time…. and isn’t it interesting that the preacher had BRIGHT, CLEAR eyes, and the other man had DARK sunglasses?  Very interesting.  I believe the saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  This shows that in a most symbolic way.

Our fight is REAL.  I was telling someone today that when we are praying at the vigil, we are in a WAR ZONE.  Thankfully, I had my weapon with me (my rosary!).  And I TRUSTED in the Lord.  I was not afraid.  HE is ALWAYS the victor.  ALWAYS.

Third Shift Manager, Dee, wrote:

Third shift was peaceful. Seven people from St. John’s showed up and one from St. Bernadette. Also, John Mihm attended during the last hour.

The rain (from 4 to 7)did not deter us from praying and displaying signs. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred.


If other stories or photos come in they will be posted here.



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