Day 21…St. Therese in Munhall and Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene

“Nothing we do to defend the human person, no matter how small, is ever unfruitful or forgotten. Our actions touch other lives and move other hearts in ways we can never fully understand in this world. Don’t ever underestimate the beauty and power of the witness you give in your pro-life work.”

~ Archbishop Charles Chaput, Politics and the Devil: Living in a World of Unbelief, South Bend, Ind., April 8, 2011

Today there was no church presence during the morning shift, but one dedicated volunteer named Pete signed up for the whole 4 hours himself!  It is so encouraging to see our 40 Days for Life community in Pittsburgh pitch in and help when we need it!  Here is a photo of this early morning prayer warrior:

Pete from St. Ferdinand in Cranberry
Bill and Lillian
Bill and Lillian

There are other extremely dedicated individuals that have been helping out as well…Vince, Sue, Jeff and Pat just to name a few.  Thank you to everyone who has helped to keep our vigil going strong during the first half of this campaign!

Sally, the morning shift manager wrote this account of this morning:

What a slow morning!  Also very chilly and windy. Only 6 of us the entire morning until the St. Therese group showed up 15 minutes early. Kathy might have had to do the Jericho march alone.  The most noteworthy event of the morning was that the abortionist, Beatrice Chen, who shows up almost every day about 9 a.m. arrived at 7:50 this morning.  Customers were going in, but very slowly.  A few people took literature.  Everybody passing by was pleasant. The restaurant man came down once to do his usual thing (scream at us to go protest in front of a “rich white abortion clinic).  One man passing by  wanted money, another wanted a meal.  One of the vigil people had bought him food before. They get to expect it.   I sent him to the Red Door down at St. Mary’s.

Here is another photo from the morning shift, taken by Sally:

Bill and Lillian add to this morning’s prayer witness

St. Therese parish, led by Fr. Terry O’Connor, held the second shift.  Dee wrote:

The 3 to 11 shift was calm today.  We had a wonderful turnout of 8 to 10 people from St. Therese parish in Munhall. Their pastor, Father Terence O’Connor, also attended.   

St. Therese provided the prayer witness this afternoon!
More folks from St. Therese in Munhall

We also had a surprise visit of 5 people showing up from West Virginia, including a priest chaplain for one of the hospitals.  

Another group comes from West Virginia to pray…including a Hospital Chaplain!

It’s wonderful that once again we had clergy witnessing on the sidewalks!  Pittsburgh is truly blessed to have such dedicated spiritual leaders!

Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene held vigil during the evening shift today…so actually we had three pastors present today!  If Sheila or Roseann send an account or photos  from the evening shift, they will be posted here.




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