Day 20 – Jericho Walk commences, vigil participants from St. Bernadette’s and St. Mary’s communicate the Gospel of Life

“For if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

In time of need, the Lord provides. Despite the fact that no churches were scheduled this morning, read Cathy’s story below about how He met the needs of our vigil.

What a wonderful group of people we have!  This AM there were no churches or individuals scheduled, but several people answered the call to come stand vigil and pray with me.  Thank you Pat, Tim, Jen, Tony and Beth!

Day 20 Pat

Kathy was joined by Chaplain Steve on her daily once around the building Jericho Walk at 9AM.  This will continue all week leading up to Saturday’s 7x around.

Day 20 Chaplain Steve and Kathy

It was a quiet morning, the usual people going to work and school, and not a lot of people going into PP.  Continue to pray for the gentleman from the cafe, who has so much anger that he feels he has to walk down to tell us to go away, everyday, more than once.


The Lord can and does use the Body of Christ to reach out to those who need Him. Below, read about how He worked through Cecilia and others to do just that for a security guard in need of truth and a pregnant post-abortive woman in need of healing. Please also read about the prayer request at the end for a gentleman named Michael.

I was so thankful to have Brother Mark and Margie from St. Mary’s join me for the trip down for my 11-1 vigil shift!  Soon after arriving we were surrounded by a wonderful group from St. Bernadette’s.  Over the 2 hours, there were 6 parishioners, Nancy, Angela, Pat, Ralph, Paul and Lisa, there to stand vigil for life.  What a witness!  I was also thankful that the Lord brought William back this week to pray with us and to share his love and trust in the Lord with us.  He is such a witness and inspiration to me!  He said he felt the Spirit moving down there as songs were being sung and prayers and rosaries were being said constantly over the 2 hours shift.

The Lord blessed me with opportunities to minister to several people while we were there.  Thanks, I’m sure, because of all the prayers!  One of the young guards came out for a smoke and to talk on his phone.  He comes outside often.  The one time I was able to get his attention and asked if I could share some info with him.  I had, before leaving home, printed out the info that Abby Johnson has about her ministry “And Then There Were None”.  He was open to receiving the material.  He proceeded to say that he only worked there a few hours a week and had other jobs around the area.  As if he was not too comfortable with being there.  I told him to feel free to share the material with others.  Please pray that he asks his employer to find other work for him and that he decides to not work at that place of death.

Near the end of our vigil time, the Lord sent “C” to us with a friend who was a great support for her.  “C”, with tears in her eyes, said that she believes that she is ~12 weeks pregnant.  She said that she does not want to have an abortion as she had one in the past and very much regrets it.  She said that she really did not want that abortion but at the time she was pressured to have it and was under the influence (of drugs/alcohol).  She is currently a recovering addict (to pills) and needs prayers for her continued recovery.   She is engaged to “M”.  She has a son, 8 years old, that has diabetes and learning difficulties.  She is concerned about the health of her baby.  She says they have a nice home but money is an issue as they are not able to buy clothes, etc…  I was able to share with her contact info for pro-life pregnancy centers that could do an ultrasound and help her out.  I also gave her info for abortion healing.  And she was glad to receive the baby model, feet pins, and fetal development book that I had.  Please keep “C” and “M” in prayer along with her 8 year old son.  Please pray for the health of her baby, for abortion healing and addiction recovery.  Before leaving, she asked my name.  When I told her “Cecilia”, we were amazed as that was the name that she was planning to name her baby if she had a girl!  I told her that it was meant to be for her to come speak with me today.  The Lord surely blesses!!!

While praying, please also pray for Michael, the son of one of our vigil participants today.  He has Lyme Disease which is in an advanced stage and is affecting his organs.  He is not doing too well right now.  Michael and his family could sure use your prayers.

– Cecilia

Prayer is, indeed, foundational to the success of our campaign. Below, read about how Beth, Cathy, and others served as true prayer warriors in this spiritual battle that we are taking part in.

Cathy had some company this morning and prayer was the order of the day.  Lots of people from St. Bernadette Parish came early for the 11-1 timeslot.   At the 1-3 p.m. shift, two new vigil participants, Tom and Bev, were just signing in and the poor soul who always yells about her sad life and how men are the problem, etc. started to rant…but our two first-timers took everything in stride.  What a beautiful response to an uncomfortable situation.  We just said that we would pray for her, although she said she wanted no prayers.  About a second later, our buddy on the bike raving about the mystery abortionists from Mt. Lebanon rode past with his usual nonsense.  We just smiled and I said the rest of the afternoon would be peaceful.  And it was.  Regina and Jim came and prayed and the afternoon witness continued when Rosalina, feeling better after a sick spell, took the next shift.  We need not worry…miracles are happening all the time.

-Beth Svirbel

Finally, many of you in the past have encountered an atheist named David during our vigil. Read about a moving story about him from Pauline below.

His hair has grown in a little and I complimented him on it. It was truly a God orchestration. I have been praying for him since last campaign and before going down this week I idly thought, “Maybe I’ll bump into David again some day”. We had just started praying out loud and he just appeared on the sidewalk with no coat or jacket on (it was 35 degrees) and holding a warmly-dressed baby. We asked how he was and he immediately said, “I’m hurting, I’m really hurting”. Then he asked us to go  to a restaurant with him but said he had no money and could we pay. You could tell he wasn’t used to taking care of the baby (we helped him with simple things like cutting up the banana, putting her in the highchair,etc). He was really flustered (a side not seen earlier, eh?) and kept thanking us.

I think the second restaurant WAS the City Cafe ! (Owned by the man who screams at our vigil participants that they are ruining his business). This is too funny!


God Bless,

Dr. Timothy Fahrenholz


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  • October 16, 2012 at 6:55 am

    Praying for David and the baby… Thank you for sharing the update on him and “feeding the hungry”… God blesses…


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