Day 19…St. Agnes, St. Bernard and New Life Community Brighten the Sidewalk!

Early morning shift manager Lindsay wrote the following account of her time at the vigil this morning:

Today was an awesome WARM, bright day, outside a building that is typically shrouded in cold and darkness. I am sure St. Agnes herself was there, patroness of violated women, as she surely was well represented by the Church in her name, St. Agnes of West Mifflin. All I can say is WOW.  I was so very humbled by their devotion to our Lord, and their overflowing abundance of faith, hope, love, gentle kindness, and deep compassion. Their prayerfulness was deeply inspiring, and truly the streets of Pittsburgh never sounded as ethereal as they shared their incredibly angelic voices with those lucky enough to pass by.  It should come as no big surprise that one of the first songs they chose to sing randomly from their hymnal was Hymn Number 933, How Great Thou Art.  Fr. Joseph Grosko must be so very proud of his precious “flock”. It was very evident by the way his parishioners spoke of him and the Religious Sisters of St. Agnes Church, that Fr. Grosko and the Sisters are very pro-life, and motivationally so.  Thank you, Lord, for Fr. Grosko and the influential sisters, and for leading St. Agnes’s congregation to 933 Liberty Avenue this morning!  How Great Thou Art!   I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I had to pray For Life alongside Nancy “Rosary Lady” and her wonderful husband Mike, Audrey, Peg, and Ron & Carrie. I also want to thank special guests Pat from St. Bernadette, and Philene from St. Bernard, as well as other guests who popped by in joyful spirit to pray For Life throughout the morning.

Mike, Nancy, Audrey and Peg from St. Agnes

St. Bernard in Mt. Lebanon provided the witness during the afternoon shift, managed by Rose.  Here is a photo of her with the group of prayer participants:

Group from St. Bernard in Mt. Lebanon

Rose wrote:

What a pleasant day we had at PP today – the weather was warm, the Church members were friendly and prayerful, and the passersby were pleasant, for the most part.  My first hour was shared by a lovely family from St. Bernard’s parish.  The 5 children were very well-behaved, even the baby.  They joined us in praying the rosary, the chaplet of Divine ‘Mercy and singing. Faithful John Mihm was with us, too.  Altogether there were 15 people from St. Bernard’s during my shift. We said a few more rosaries and the Stations of the Cross and another Chaplet. The  restaurant owner came over to say a few angry words and turned on his heel and left.  A veteran named Anthony dropped by to ask for help.  He had a hard luck story and after we listened  and offered words of encouragement he let us pray for him and his concerns. I think he experienced Christ’s love from the group and we told him we would keep him in our prayers.  He needs a lot of inner healing, so please keep him in your prayers as well.  Thank you.

The third shift today was managed by Jim and Cathy…and the prayer witness was provided by New Life Community Church.  If I receive stories and photos I will post them here. 

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