Day 18 – Strong faith, hope, and love displayed by vigil participants from St. Killians, Good Samaritan and St. John the Baptist, Baden and Holy Trinity in Robinson

Early morning Vigil Shift manager Sally reported the following story from today:

Choices mobile ultrasound clinic was parked across the street from 7:30 to 10:30, but I did not see anybody going in for a sonogram.  Planned Parenthood was slow, unusual for a Saturday morning.  We had about 25 people.  They came from from St. Killian, Three River’s Assembly of God, St. Bernard, Pennsylvanians for Human Life and many others.  The restaurant man screamed his usual tirade against us, and then did not return.

Choices mobile ultrasound clinic!


Counselors David and Meredith

Counselors David and Meredith

Karen and Greg from 3 Rivers Assembly

Karen and Greg from 3 Rivers Assembly

David came by with a baby in a carrier on his chest.  Lori, Pauline and Elizabeth took him up the street to breakfast.  They spent an hour with him.  Lori said he talked a lot about how the world, and things, and people evolved. He told them that the baby is his,  and that he lives with the mother, who is in college, and that they plan to marry.   He seems to really like his little girl.  He even admits that a “fetus” is a person, but he says that Planned Parenthood does not kill people, only fetuses.  Such a disconnect!  But Lori thinks they made some progress with him.

NOTE:  Pauline….who took David to lunch wrote the following account:

We went to 2 restaurants with David and his baby because he wanted a banana for the baby, but the first restaurant didn’t have any. The second restaurant owner immediately yelled at our newest ACPHL (South Hills) member, Elisabeth to “get that sign out of here” (she actually had 3 signs but none was offensive).  She asked if she could just turn it around and he didn’t reply, so she just turned it backwards. David expressed surprise at the rudeness of the man.

The owner then said he knew awful things were happening in the world, and that he didn’t want “it” in his place because it was too controversial. Then he said that his main problem with  “you people” was that we were bad for business. I asked him if he had noticed less business during 40 Days campaigns and he just stared at me. He seemed hard of hearing so I asked him again, but he didn’t say anything and went in the back. It made me wonder if he has ever actually compared receipts during and after 40 Days. Unless he just meant the year-round prolife presence in general.

There was only one customer in the restaurant while we were there. As we tried to feed the cut-up banana to the baby, she suddenly turned to us and said, “Don’t you try to tell me what to do!” I assured her that we wouldn’t. She repeated herself and I repeated myself. Strange.

The 2 bananas came to $2 and Lori gave the man a $5 tip. David expressed amazement that she would do this, since she was almost rewarding the man for his bad behavior. This gave us an opportunity to talk about being a light of Christ in a dark world.

I wondered what would happen if all the 40 Days volunteers would go into this restaurant for coffee after their shifts (with signs reversed:). Would he then welcome our business?

I wonder…did these ladies take David to lunch at the restaurant owned by the man who screams at our vigil participants every day?  That would be awesome!  I was suggesting to some of our participants that we should make an effort to patronize his restaurant…to pay back hatred with love!  The name of his cafe is “City Cafe”….it is about 5 doors down from Planned Parenthood (to the right if you are facing the clinic).

Here are some photos from the vigil during this morning’s early shift:


Group from St. Killians in Cranberry

The crew from St. Bernard's

The crew from St. Bernard’s

Tim shows us the loving smile of God's servant

John shows us the loving smile of God’s servant

Pauline and Elisabeth from ACPHA
Saturday “regular”, Tim

The second shift today was managed by Dr. Timothy Fahrenholz.  He writes:

Today, several champions for life came from Good Samaritan and St. John the Baptist in Baden. They were resolute in prayer despite the heartbreaking scenes of several young people going into and out of the building, and never got distracted by uncomplimentary comments made by certain individuals walking by.  Their example was truly inspiring, and one that all of us can look up to. They were also encouraged by hearing about the positive developments regarding David, the atheist, who accepted a breakfast invitation this morning from Lori, Elizabeth, and Pauline. These positive developments are described in more detail in Sally’s story from earlier today.

Here are some pictures of these servants of the Lord:

Shift Manager and Co-Leader of 40 Days for Life, Timothy

Jan from St. John the Baptist in Baden


Day 18 Champions for life from Good Samaritan and St. John the Baptist, Baden
Day 18 Brenda and Courtney from St. John the Baptist

God Bless,


If the third shift manager for today…Maggie…sends in some photos or stories from her time they will be posted here.  The witnesses during the last shift were from Holy Trinity in Robinson.

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