Day 17…A busy day at Planned Parenthood…Prayer Witness supplied by St. Marys in Glenshaw and West Hills Baptist!

Early morning Shift Manager Sally wrote:

This Friday Planned Parenthood was very busy, probably making up for Tuesday which was very quiet.  It was extremely cold and windy. Gloves were needed.  A friend of Fr. Tim came down from Elizabeth with his son, who looked about 12. They spent about 2 hours, on their knees, praying from the “Helpers of God’s Precious Infants” prayer book that Father Tim uses. We had 2 ladies all the way from Greene County and 4 from Weirton, as well as some local people.   There was a little excitement when the large “Bomb Squad” vehicle raced by with siren screaming, followed by a large special forces vehicle, also using their siren.  Then a fire truck a bit later, also with siren.  Cortese came running out, but could see nothing. We have no idea where they were all going and why.   One unusual group went into the clinic: a very pretty young woman with a head covering, a small girl about 3 or 4 and a very elderly couple.  I thought they were lost and looking for directions, but they stayed inside.  Possibly the young woman was having an abortion, and her grandparents were there to support her.  I could see them in the waiting room while I waited for my bus.   A young girl told me she was going in for birth control.  I told her how harmful it is for women, and she came right back out, accepted my list of pregnancy help centers, and went away.   So many people smiled at us and God blessed us this morning. We thank God for them. The man up the street came by to scream at us 3 different times. He really has a problem and needs prayers.

Mary and Michelle from St. Gregory
Mary and Michelle from St. Gregory
Can you say "It's cold out there!"
Can you say “It’s cold out there!”
Jeff and his son Sam from St. Elizaberth
Jeff and his son Sam from St. Elizaberth
Lois from St. Alphonsus
Lois from St. Alphonsus

The second shift today was managed by Ginny and Marie.  They wrote the following account:

There was a young woman who came up to me on the sidewalk today and told me her story. She was pregnant last year and had scheduled an abortion, but had changed her mind when they told her it would be like a miscarriage. She said it was killing the baby. Her name is “C”.  Her baby is 9 months old, She said it was the best decision she ever made. Let us pray fro her. She is only 22 and is living with her dad, but needs to move and find a job.

Ginny took the following photos from her shift:

“C” chose life for her baby…and said it was the best decision she ever made! She needs our prayers!
St. Mary’s Respect Life group provides the prayer witness today
Bill and ladies from St. Marys

The third shift today was managed by Pat and Lisa…and West Hills Baptist provided the witness.  If they send in any stories or photos I will post them here.


May all understand more deeply that the pro-life message is rooted in the two basic truths of life:

There is a God;

He isn’t me

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.– Genesis 2:7


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