Day 16 – Vigil participants display courage

“Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.” Romans 12:21

Often, during the campaign, were are blessed with opportunities to be instruments through which the Lord works to plant spiritual seeds in the hearts of those we meet. Read about some inspiring examples of that below, along with an uplifting story from a woman who chose life in the midst of challenging circumstances.


The 3 to 5 shift was fairly quiet. One young woman (Renee) stopped to say that some years ago she was pregnant and her boy friend wanted her to have an abortion. She just could not do it. She delivered a baby boy and gave him up for adoption. She met her son as an adult. He thanked her for being unselfish and giving him life.

About 6:30pm we had a young man pose a question to Julia which was kind of strange. If God appeared to you in a dream and told you to have an abortion because your baby was the antichrist, would you have the abortion? Julia said no. What followed was an interesting discussion.

Dee Gallagher


I felt that my shift today was great.  Not because all the passersby were positive (in fact, we had several rude/angry responses), but just because I keep being struck by how UNIQUE it is for us to be doing something like this at all.  What an incredible opportunity to stand for life and to do so much GOOD.

Funny that I should say that about doing “good,” since one man approached two of us praying and actually called us evil…. or maybe he said that what we were DOING was evil.  No matter; in either case, I cannot wrap my mind around his “reasoning” (if, in fact, any was being summoned).  Well, my prayer companion and I offered some prayers for him.  We must continue to pray…. to do what the Lord desires….. to do GOOD.  When we see the Lord in His judgement someday, we will never regret having done the right thing.  NEVER.

Lisa Kosloski


Finally, I thought that all of you would like to know that Nikki is doing very well with her family in Oklahoma.  Check out the picture of her with her new grandchild below:


Grandma feeding Brooklyn




God Bless,

Dr. Timothy Fahrenholz


P.S. Please join us for our midpoint candlelight vigil is this coming Sunday, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Catholic Charities Welcome Center downtown. We will have an opportunity share uplifting stories from the campaign, then have a prayerful candlelight vigil at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility. All are welcome.



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