Day 11…Holy Wisdom, Guardians for Life, and Washington Alliance Church

The morning began at 7:00 a.m. with Holy Wisdom Parish, joined shortly by Guardians for Life of Indiana and Westmoreland County.  Shift Manager Sally wrote:

Almost 40 pro-life people showed up to pray on this cold, somewhat rainy morning.  They came with Father Tim from Holy Wisdom (St.Boniface), Ford City, and a number of Pittsburgh areas and churches.  Planned Parenthood was not doing much business.

A Columbus Day parade was scheduled, as well as an African American tribute outside the August Wilson Center (across Liberty Avenue from Planned Parenthood),  so there was no street parking.  Buses and traffic were rerouted, and loud music from a live band playing just up the street began about 10 a.m.. Praying was a challenge, but we just raised our voices.

A girl showed up to “observe us”, so I talked with her for a few minutes and gave her 3 pieces of literature.  I’m told that she has been here before.

My hero for the day is Barbara who is spending the entire 8 hours that Holy Wisdom is here for the prayer vigil.  That’s dedication!!  Yay, Barbara!

Sally from Immaculate Heart and Carla from Holy Wisdom
Sally from Immaculate Heart and Carla from Holy Wisdom
Liz from Holy Wisdom, Al and Val from Bradford Woods
Liz from Holy Wisdom, Al and Val from Bradford Woods
More vigilers from Holy Wisdom
More vigilers from Holy Wisdom
Bernadette and her 5 kids, plus Liz (in the hat)
Bernadette and her 5 kids, plus Liz (in the hat)
Mary and others from Fr. Tim's group
Mary and others from Fr. Tim’s group
Timothy, who managed the second shift today writes:

Today’s mid-day shift was excellent. We had vigil participants from several churches, such as Ascension in Ingram, First Presbyterian, the St. Boniface Latin Mass community, St. Pio, Holy Wisdom, the Pittsburgh Oratory, and Washington Alliance. There was a large parade going by, which gave us an opportunity to witness the parade participants, along with, of course, those going into and out of Planned Parenthood. As usual, some of the people going into/out of the clinic took our literature, and some didn’t, and we prayed for all of them. I had the good fortune to participate in an extended conversation with a gentleman whose girlfriend was in the facility having what he called a “checkup.” He graciously accepted the literature that I gave to him describing honorable organizations in town that would provide the same kind of “checkup” services for free and which are life giving. He also accepted the eye opening colorful flyer describing what exactly abortion is.  Please continue to pray for him and his girlfriend.

Below are some pictures from the afternoon shift:

Champions for Life
Great Group from the Pittsburgh Oratory
Sharing the Gospel of Life

The third shift was managed by Lindsay, who took photos and wrote an account of her time at the vigil today:

“933 Liberty Avenue”. For some reason, yesterday the numbers 9-3-3 struck me as profound. Wasn’t Jesus around 9+3 when He became separated from Mary and Joseph so He could go spend quality time with His Father in the Lord’s Temple? And, of course, many of us believe that Jesus was 33 years old when He liberated our sinful humanity from death and darkness. And then there is the number “3” – God in 3 persons, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Jesus preached the Good News for approximately 3 years, and 9 is 3 raised to the power of 3. So, now I find the number 933 rather comforting, full of Hope that Jesus Christ will liberate this building – 933 Liberty Avenue – from death and darkness.                        

Yesterday was full of Hope in Jesus, as I had the joy of praying for an end to abortion with Washington Alliance Church, who covered the entire shift from 3-7pm. One special surprise was when I was approached by a beaming, young, good looking couple Travis and Amy, who had taken it upon themselves to successfully petition Washington Alliance Church to cover this entire 4 hour prayer shift, despite the long drive from Washington to Pittsburgh. I didn’t recognize them at first, but Travis and Amy had purchased our lovely rural home in Washington 3 years ago, when they got married!

Pictured: Amy and Travis,during their extended 1.5 hour prayer shift.

For the hour prior to Amy & Travis’ “shift”, I had the great joy of praying for life with Polly and June as well as with the lovely family: David, Jeannie, Victoria, Luke, Brianna, Jace

. The photogenic group of Polly, June (Right), and the Lloyd family (Left) is pictured below.

Finally, the decidedly colder and darker hour of this lovely Fall day was made warm and brilliant with the Love of Christ thanks to Nichole and Bette sharing the remaining 1.5 hour with me, so that I never had to stand in prayer alone. Unfortunately, I did not get a photograph of the decidedly photogenic Nicole and Betty.

Overall, the day was full of supportive comments from passersby, including Pastor Walter S. Moss, who I believe said he was leading the 40 Days for Life in Canton, Ohio, and handed us copies of his booklet “Why I Am a Black Pro-Life Pastor”. I am very grateful to Washington Alliance Church for their dedication to 40 Days for Life, and for never letting me stand alone in prayer. I am also very grateful to God that He graced them to Hear His Call to step out of their comfort zones and to take time from their busy lives to come downtown to Pray to End Abortion.

From the National 40 Days For Life daily email:


Pray that when those representing Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups see volunteers for 40 Days for Life, they see ambassadors of Christ, and may each volunteer be consciously aware at all times we represent Him.

I…beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called, with all lowliness, and gentleness, with long-suffering, bearing with one another in love.  — Ephesians 4:1-2

And, of course, continue to pray for our vigil in Pittsburgh, especially that unborn lives would be saved, and other lives would be impacted for the Kingdom of God!

By the way, Monday’s afternoon shift is better staffed, but our Shift Manager is currently scheduled to stand vigil alone for the last hour.  If you can come out for 6 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and swell the ranks, I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for all you do for the unborn child!

Chaplain Steve



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