Day 10…Knights from Murrysville Stand Vigil this Morning & South Hills Assembly Comes out in Force!

This morning’s vigil was held by the Manordale Council Knights of Columbus, along with others who came to witness for life. Early morning Shift Manager Sally wrote:

“It was a beautiful, warm morning with some great witnesses for life.  We had a few members of the Knights of Columbus and a few from Our Lady of Sorrows, both from Murrysville.”

Faithful participants, Gus and Courtney

Pastor Bryan from Christ’s Church Ministries came for the second time this week…along with “regular” Susan, who is in a wheelchair.

Susan and Pastor Bryan

Pastor Bryan wrote about his time today:

Today was an interesting day.  There was a woman who stopped to talk directly to me (possibly because of the collar) who had had an abortion 17 years ago, forced on her by her parents.  I had time to counsel and pray with her.  I left her with an assignment to reach other women about the fact that abortion doesn’t just “end a problem” but leaves a lingering and debilitating and much bigger problem of guilt – shame – grief – unforgiveness; a message I told her that she was uniquely qualified to pass on with believability.

Another woman, black, inner city, was outside, her daughter-in-law inside deciding on abortion.  We talked with the “outside “mother-in-law” who after a while admitted abortion is killing a human being, but stated that with no real male models around they just grow up and kill each other.  Could not make headway further, but I’m very familiar with the what she was saying about the inner city,  and felt her ambivalence and frustration.  I thanked her for her honesty and willingness to talk, and gave her an assignment to which she agreed; to try to reach the young girls in “her world” to resist getting pregnant as victims of what she agreed was the male ghetto padge of procreation (their way to confirm a pseudo manhood); and for her to also tell the girls that abortion is a messy procedure that is hard on their body and physically damaging to the woman having it, not something simple like removing a wart.  She agreed with all this.

Finally as I was leaving, there was a woman already engaged with a couple of our ladies.  I tried to also talk with her, but she was immediately hostile to a man telling her “what she can do with her body”, even though I said no such thing (I only tried to engage her as to what a fetus really was).  Sometimes it reaches the point where it frustrates you and annoys them – and I left.  Hopefully after I left, with only women to talk to her they were able to make some progress.

Even though we’re frustrated by the women/girls we don’t reach, we need to remember that Jesus wasn’t received by everyone when He ministered on this earth.  When we’re standing there it is a success even if it’s only one baby can be saved from the gruesome murder that day.  However, in addition, we need to acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit as we bring His presence into that little cosm that these women have to walk through. They may be uncomfortable by it.  May divert their eyes.  But they can’t ignore His touch.  As I was writing this I was getting a vision of a spiritual bubble covering that space, a space defined by Planned Parenthood’s own yellow line, as we stand around that line.



Dedicated Prayer Witnesses, Courtney and Daniel
Alice and Jim from Mother of Sorrows Church in Murrysville
Manordale Knights hold vigil this morning
Knights of Columbus

Sally continues…

“The Choices Pregnancy Center Mobile Ultrasound Clinic arrived shortly after 9 a.m. and was parked in front of the driver license center.  Many customers had gone into Planned Parenthood before that, and very few later.  I told everybody who was going in that there was free ultrasound across the street, and one young girl allowed me to take her over to it.  I think she was their only customer.  Shortly after she entered Choices mobile clinic, a lady who was going into Planned Parenthood said to me, “I had all my beautiful children and am past childbearing age“.  As it turned out, she was there to meet the girl who was on board Choices mobile unit, having the sonogram! When the woman came back out of Planned Parenthood, looking for her,  one of the men told her to check across the street. She later came out of Choices mobile unit with the girl and they went into Planned Parenthood.    I was depressed about the whole affair, not only because the girl herself insisted on abortion after seeing her 3 month baby, but the lady who was with her, who turned out to be her godmother, was willing to let her kill her child, after telling me earlier that “I had all my beautiful children”.  Doesn’t make sense.  Isn’t the girl’s baby a beautiful child also? And if she is her godmother, why would she let her do that? “

I don’t often see Sally get depressed…she has been doing this for over 20 years.  But, I guess whenever we personally have the opportunity to be an advocate for a child’s life, and the child dies anyway…it is hard to take.  The statistics say that 85% of women who see their child on ultrasound choose life…but there is always that 15% percent whose hearts are hardenend.  We need to trust God that He has a plan, and it is bigger than us…and He will work all things for the good of those who trust Him.  That little child is with Jesus now, and I pray that his mother will someday come to know Him herself.

The second shift today was managed by Shift Manager “buddies” (and sisters), Ginny and Marie.  Women’s Choice Network AND South Hills Assembly provided the prayer witness at the vigil during the afternoon.  There are no pictures, but Marie reported that they had a great bunch of pray-ers…including the pastor from South Hills Assembly….and they were able to distribute a lot of literature.  We had two pastors at our vigil AGAIN!  Praise God!

I was at the vigil for the last two hours tonight, and took these photos:

Friday “regulars” Lisa and her children, with Maria who joined us for the first time!
Luke and Peter
Julie leads us in song

If I receive any other photos or stories from today, I will post them here.

10 days down…30 to go!  Keep the momentum going!  Please keep praying and fasting…and come to the vigil when you can!

Your sister,



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