Day 8 Hosanna Church holds vigil all day


Today, Hosanna Church faithfully filled the entire 12 hour vigil with dedicated members.

Cath, the first shift manager of the day took these photos:

Bob, Erica and Phillip from Hosanna Church
Wednesday “regular”, Kathy from Memorial Park Church
Bob and Erica, Hosanna Church

Cathy wrote the following report about this morning’s shift:

The vigil this morning (actually all day) was kept by the lovely, and faithful people of Hosanna Church, plus a few other pray-ers.  It was a mostly quiet morning, as people were off to work and school.  We were able to give away some literature to passers-by and a couple people coming out of PP.  Our “friend” from the restaurant paid us a not very friendly visit.  In the past when he would stop, I remember him disagreeing with us, but being mostly civil.  This time is different, he seems so angry, our presence and what we stand for, really bothers him, though his establishment is several doors down the street.  We prayed for him after he left.  A young man also stopped for a short time.  Said he could not have children, but definitely was against abortion.  He is trying to get his life back together, and while Catholic, was not going anywhere right now.  I encouraged him to get back to church, it could help him in his goal.  We prayed the daily meditation together before he left.


Here are some photos and a report from the second shift manager, Nikki.

Standing on a warm, breezy afternoon with the pastor and many faithful witnesses from Hosanna Church in Bellvue…and also a pastor and parishioner from Christ’s Church Ministries was a blessing!  We took advantage of the “prayer-power” that comes from having two clergy men present and we all prayed together.  Pastor Bryan even brought his guitar!  We sang a few songs to try to bring the love of Christ to a place that routinely kills 50 pre-born babies every week.  I enjoyed the music…but not all of the passerbys did.  One young man said (as he walked past), “Your band SUCKS!”  I tell you…if you find yourself feeling too proud….come to the vigil…it will humble you!  (smile).

Day 8 Pastor Gary and Reverend Bryan

One young woman stopped and admitted to us that she had just had a late-term abortion here at this clinic just a few weeks ago.  She seemed numb to me.  Not angry, not overly sad…just numb.  I was surprised she told us!  She allowed us to hug her and pray with her.  I gave her information about post-abortion counseling and urged her to seek healing and reconciliation.  Pastor Bryan looked for opportunities to interact with anyone who was open to conversation…just being a light for Christ.  That is what we tried to do today.  As always, my fetal model display brought many curious people.  Quite a few girls entering and leaving the clinic took literature with information about our local pregnancy resource centers.

Day 8 Reverend Bryan and Wanda Christ’s Church Ministries


Maria came from Assumption Church…also in Bellvue.  She brought her 3-year old and 5-month old sons with her…both were sleeping.  This is dedication!  She held the sleeping 3-year old in her arms for almost an hour while her baby slept in the stroller.  If everyone had half her dedication, I think abortion would have long ended.

Day 8 Maria with her two children


It was an honor and a privilege to witness for life with these brothers and sisters in Christ today! Here are a few more pictures:


Day 8 Pastor Gary, Erin, and Ben from Hosanna Church


Day 8 Nice group from Hosanna Church


Barbara, who managed the third shift wrote:

Standing expectantly on the bus-screeched Liberty Avenue downtown sidewalk in front of Planned Prenthood, our third shift Wednesday 40 Days for Life cohorts stood ready for battle with our implacable enemy.  The enemy is not the staff at the abortion sidte.  It is not the people passing by who give us the one-finger salute.  The women going in and coming out of the Planned Parenthood doors are not the enemy.  These 3 groups are just a few of the victims of abortion.  The enemy is the devil.  We prepare for this battle with prayer and fasting.

Val joined the line waiting for the commuter bus.  I overheard him mentioning prayer as our “weapon”.  “What kind of weapon is that?”,  he asked a fellow comuter.  “They need something stronger or they’ll never get anywhere.”  Wow!  Opportunity knocks.  I respectfully requested if I could join the conversation.  “Our first 40 Days for Life campaign resulted in a 28% drop in abortions in that Texas neighborhood”, I said.  “Last year in Pittsburgh we know of at least 5 babies whose mothers chose life as a result of our prayerful, peaceful presence at this Planned Parenthood Pittsburgh site.”  Val and I talked about the power of prayer and fasting.  His bus came and he sid he was going to look up 40 Days for Life on the internet.  I invited him to join us.

Hosanna Church prayer participants Neil, Wayne and Jessica & James (newly married), joined us this evening.

Richard, Eileen and Pat returned this Wednesday and added welcome warmth to our numbers.  A positive presence was Frank, who began with questions and ended praying and wearing a sign as the hours went on.

One woman whom I recognized from the spring campaign let me walk with her a few steps.  She is visibly angered by our presence. I will pray for her in particular this fall.  I think there is hope for her.  Anger is a sign of life!

No rain fell, even though the clouds darkened and menaced.  There was a beautiful pink splendid sunset as the clouds spread and the sun penetrated.  God in His heavens reminds us of His presence.  Life is Good!


I will post pictures and stories from the other shift managers as I receive them.

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  • October 3, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    Great photos. I’ll put one of them in the NL.

  • October 4, 2012 at 5:07 am

    Let us all pray for a pro life government.


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