Day 6…Great Group from St. Thomas More, St. Mary’s in Herman and other Dedicated Prayer Volunteers Stand Vigil Today!

It was a peaceful morning today at the vigil.  I had lots of company from faithful volunteers from St. Thomas More parish in Bethel Park and St. Mary’s in Herman…as well as individuals who signed up on their own.  Here are some photos:

Beth and Tony

Beth comes to pray every Monday morning all year round…even when she has to come back later to fill the role of Vigil Shift Manager!  Tony has been very faithful about coming to our vigil to pray!

Carolyn, Nikki, Dan & Jerry

Carolyn, Jerry, Terry and Dan from St. Thomas More held the first 2 hours of the morning shift with me.  At one point, they had an opportunity to be a blessing to a young girl who was selling newspapers.  Terry offered her $5 for a paper and told her to keep the change.  She was very thankful and said that she had just lost $5 and was going to have to pay for it out of her own money.  She stayed for a prayer and thanked us for being there.


Dean from First Evangelical Free Church signed up for a whole 4 hours to help us fill an empty slot!
Second Shift arrives with Joyce, Ethel, Bill and Brother Mark

Once again we were blessed by a clergy man on the sidewalk!  Brother Mark is of the Capuchin Order of the Franciscans and is from St. Mary’s in Herman.  It is amazing the effect that priests (and monks) have at the vigil!  Within minutes of his arrival, an obviously very hurting man walked right up to him and asked, “Can you help me to get out of the hell that I am living in?”  He grasped Brother Marks hand and started telling him whatever it was that was the problem.  I didn’t hear the conversation, but it was clear that this man was in a lot of pain emotionally.  Within a few minutes, about 5 people from our vigil all gathered around this man and prayed for him.  He was very thankful, but still kept clinging to Brother Mark.  I began to wonder if he was ever going to leave.  It was beautiful to see the patience, peace and love that was surrounding the men (and Joyce) who were trying to help this poor man.  Eventually, the man left.  I asked Brother Mark what he did.  He explained that the man needed to take something away from us before he could leave…so he gave him a mantra to keep praying after he left.  God was truly at work today on the sidewalk.

Sue from St. Marys in Herman
Tom from St. Thomas More
Nikki’s fetal model display

I will post other photos and stories as they come in.

Beth wrote the following about her afternoon shift:

A beautiful peaceful shift from 1-3 p.m.  Dean and I enjoyed the sunshine and mostly polite people who walked through the yellow line.  Lisa and her two beautful daughters stopped to say a quick prayer. But other than that, a rather uneventful afternoon.  I had to leave around 3:20 when Rosalina came by herself, so Dean,  a gallant pro-lifer, offered to stay with her until Francis showed up.

Rosalina, who managed the third shift today sent in these photos:


Rosalina and Dean
Saturday afternoon Shift Manager Timothy stops to pray, pictured with Dean who was at the vigil for 5 hours today!

Thanks to everyone who came to witness for life today!

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