Day 4 – Priests at the Vigil Make a Powerful Statement!

For the second time in our first 4 days…we were blessed to have clergy present at our vigil!  It is SO encouraging to see priests and ministers take time from their busy schedules to come to the sidewalk and pray!  It really sends a message that the battle to end abortion is IMPORTANT!  Here are some photos from today…taken by morning shift managers Al & Sally Brunn:

Group from St. Elizabeth of Hungary parish, including Fr. Gruber and Fr. Argentieri
Kathy from St. Elizabeth
Al & Mary Alice

Shift Manager Sally wrote this about her time at the vigil this morning:

“This was a blessed morning, as are all the mornings when a priest or minister shows up to pray with us.  We had 3 priests this morning!  Fr. Nick Argentieri and recently ordained Fr. Frederick Gruber, both from St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Pleasant Hills were there from 7am – 9am…and then Fr. Tim Kruthaupt arrived with his group from Westmoreland and Indiana counties!  They stayed until 11am.  The prayer was constant!”

“Planned Parenthood was extremely busy during the early hours.  The lobby was packed, but by the time I arrived, only a few couples and single girls were still going in.  They seemed to have planned for an early start to their day because  I was told the nurse/anesthetist was seen going in earlier than usual.  About 35 people showed up during the morning shift, which is light for a Saturday morning during the 40 days.  In addition to the St. Elizabeth & Westmoreland County groups, (which included students from St. Vincent College), we had people from several different areas in or near Pittsburgh, and even a married couple from Palm Bay Florida, who were visiting family in Cannonsburg.”

The second shift today was managed by Timothy.  His church, Holy Family parish in Steubenville, held the vigil.  He took the following photos:

Timothy with his group from Holy Family in Steubenville
Saturday “regular”, Tim Barr
Tom Venditti, with another prayer volunteer

Tinothy wrote the following about his shift today:

“Today was an excellent day. We had a large turnout from Holy Family church in Steubenville, and  there were also representatives from the Knights of of Columbus (council 11828, also in Steubenville), and someone from St. Pio parish. Some of the women entering the facility took our literature, and some didn’t; we prayed for all of them. There were some positive comments from passers-by, including one from a mother who showed her young son (5 years old) the image of the unborn child on the “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you” sign. Other comments made by people walking by were uncomplimentary; we prayed for those people  as well.  I also want to mention what an encouragment it was to have Bill from First Presbyterian Church join us on the sidewalk.  He stayed and prayed with us, and was a very welcome addition to our vigil.”

The third shift was managed by Maggie.  Here are some photos she took from her time at the vigil:

Witnesses from St. Elizabeth of Hungary parish
Prayer witnesses from St.Elizabeth
Dedicated prayer witnesses from St. Elizabeth (Claudia on right)

Maggie wrote:

The shift went great! I had some wonderful people from St. Elizabeth of Hungary parish with me.

A young woman stopped and told us to please encourage adoptions. She had a baby boy who is now a grown man who thanks her for making such a selfless courageous choice!

We also had 2 young men stop and the one told us that he and his wife were advised by Ohio State University doctors to abort their son. They chose not to and he only lived for 5 hours but he said what a blessing it was to hold him for those five hours.

I never cease to be amazed at how wonderful our God is!



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  • September 30, 2012 at 3:48 am

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion. God Bless!


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