Day 3, Prayer Volunteers come from far and wide today!

Thanks to all the prayer volunteers who answered my last-minute plea for help at the vigil this morning!  It is so encouraging to know that we will all pitch in to keep the vigil going!  If we all just do what we can…and each do our small part…we will make a HUGE impact for the Kingdom of God!  Here are photos from this morning and the account from the morning Vigil Shift Manager, Sally:

Faithful prayer warrior Greg, with Courtney…who came all the way from Baden to answer the call this morning!
Shift Manager Sally (center), with Jen and Courtney (Jen also came last-minute to help us!)
Paulette and Cindy, from Weirton

Bernie and Lori came from Butler and Cranberry to stand with Shift Manager Sally!

Sally wrote:

“A total of 9 people showed up between 8 and and 11 a.m, in response to the email plea for help!  Thanks to everyone for coming to witness on a day that abortions are being done.  It was a very quiet morning. We did a lot of praying.  Planned Parenthood was pretty busy.  The abortionist of the day, Beatrice Chen, went in with a student at 8:50. One crying girl
went in with her boyfriend.   The restaurant man, who complains every day about our graphic pictures, is still not happy, even though the pictures are gone.  He still wants us to picket Mt. Lebanon, where “rich people” have their abortions. Obviously the pictures are not the problem.  We, and our prayers, are.”

The second shift today was held by Shift Manager “Buddies/sisters”, Ginny and Marie.  Their respect life group from St. Mary’s in Glenshaw provided the witness at the vigil.  I will post photos and stories from their shift as they come to me.

I had the evening shift tonight, which was pretty rowdy.  I realized that Friday nights are my LEAST favorite time to be at the vigil.  The crowd and the atmosphere are totally different from weekdays during work hours!  People are in a “party” mood…and the LAST thing they care about is abortion.  However, my fetal model display brought much curiosity and MANY people stopped to look at them and even hold them.  Some folks stopped to watch the National Geographic DVD that I was playing titled, “Biology of Pre-Natal Development“.  One man was staring at the fetal model for a very long time.  When I told him he could pick them up, he held the large 30 week fetus in his hand and looked very sad.  He told me that he did not agree with what we are doing, and although he thinks abortion is wrong, he would not want to take away women’s right to choose.  He also said that Planned Parenthood does enough good to justify the “few” abortions that they do.  I told him that this clinic did 2,353 abortions in 2011…and asked how many cancer screenings would they have to do in order to justify that.  He looked almost as if he was going to cry…I have a feeling he may have participated in an abortion decision in the past.  So many hurting people in the world.  Abortion has hurt our society more than most people realize.

Lisa and eight of her ten children provided the witness from 3pm-7pm, representing SS. Peter & Paul in Beaver Falls.  They are such dedicated and powerful witnesses for life!  They have committed to the 3-7 shift every Friday during our 40 days…as they did during the spring campaign.  It was a blessing just to share the sidewalk with them!  Here is a photo of them:

Lisa with 8 of her 10 children


We were blessed with the arrival of Julie and her boyfriend, David at 5pm…and they stayed until 7:00.  Two young men stopped to speak with us for a long time.  We had a very interesting conversation.  Here is a photo:

Julie, Theo & friend, and David

Theo’s church is hosting a “Gospel Fest”, featuring nationally known pastors…which is going on all weekend at the convention center.  They were out on the sidewalk spreading the word.

It seemed like everytime I tried to pray I was interrupted with an opportunity to talk or witness to someone.  So, although Friday nights are a challenging time to maintain a prayerful presence…it is a good time to educate and evangelize those who will listen.  We still are a light in the darkness!  But I was happy to see 7:00 come!

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