Day 2… They are Worth It!

Today many determined prayer warriors stood in the pouring rain to witness for life at our 40 Days for Life vigil.  They got really, really, really wet…but the babies are worth it!  Wouldn’t any one of us be willing to stand in the rain for hours if it was OUR child being killed? And, isn’t that what being a Christian is all about?  We are all one family in Christ.  We are all God’s children…therefore those babies are OUR brothers and sisters.  We do it for them!

Here are some photos and stories from the vigil today:

Rose Marie and Gus
Jeannie, Tony, Shift Manager Marie, and Julie

That’s all the pictures that were sent to me today…I think it was too wet for cameras!  Here is what Marie, the Shift Manager during the morning shift, had to say about her time at the vigil today:

“Today’s early shift was blessed with the arrival of Vince B. from St. Elizabeth Anne Seton shortly after I arrived at 7:00 a.m. He was a blessing and a friendly face to start my first shift as a vigil shift manager. A little bit later my friend, Donna P. form St. Alphonsus joined us and then Tony C. from St. Joan of Arc. We managed to make it through the first couple of hours without much rain falling on us or dampening our spirits. Julie K. and Jeannine M. from Riverside Community Church kept vigil with us for the last two hours of the shift. Thank you to all who remained faithful to their commitment to stand and pray in vigil today.  38 more days seems like a long time but I know that the power of our prayers will see us through – I am uplifted by the positive comments and smiles from the passersby. Pray for the babies that need us to be there for them during these 40 days.”

Here is a beautiful account from the vigil today, written by Shift Manager Lisa:

“I was very aware of the Lord’s presence during my shift this afternoon.  It was really  amazing.  He was just softly guiding me and was THERE–IN THE MOMENT– with me.  I sensed this during my prayer, but also in all of my interactions with those who passed by.  It was such a powerful time.  There was one man named Tom who engaged me in conversation, who seemed to be really inspired by the campaign, and wanted to learn more about it.  He said that he didn’t think his church had a pro-life group.  I suggested that he could start one!  And he agreed that he felt like God wanted him to do more.  Another situation involved a couple who ignored me as they entered Planned Parenthood’s doors…. but on the way out, I held out a card for the Women’s Choice Network and said, “Can I offer you a better place than Planned Parenthood?”  They smiled and took the card.  Then the man looked down at my sign with the Jeremiah passage on it, and said, “I like that.”  Little moments of grace. And if that were not enough, there was so much positive feedback today.  Of course, we had the negative moments too, but overall, it seemed like so many are in support of what we are doing, and in agreement with us.  It is VERY encouraging to see that.  God is using us in incredible, unseen ways, to make a difference in the lives of many people.  Let us always be open to what He wants to do through us.”

Dee, who did the third shift…REALLY got the downpour!  She reported that although she was completely drenched, that three wonderful ladies from Holy Spirit Church came for their scheduled time and they had a very peaceful time tonight.

Thank you to all who came to the vigil today!  Thanks for not letting the weather keep you away!




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