Inspiring Kick-off Event on Sunday!

Our kick-off event in Phil’s Parking Lot was wonderful!  Approximately 100 faithful people gathered, following a Jericho march around the block (seven times).  Here are photos from the event…thanks to Lori Snatchko for blessing us with her talent!

A Jericho march precedes our 40 Days for Life Kick-off...marching in the alley behind Planned Parenthood!
Marching past the doors that claim so many lives.

Following the completion of seven times around Planned Parenthood, our 40 Days for Life event began!  Thanks to Phil for allowing us to use his lot…and to Steve Frost for bringing his sound system!  And to my husband Joe, for building the stage!

Pastor Shawn Kirkland, of Living Word Church in Penn Hills, opened us in prayer:

Thanks to Jeanne Schalk, who blessed us with her angelic voice.  She sang and played music that we could all sing along to:

We were blessed to hear from Fr. Tim Kruthaupt of the Greensburg Diocese, as he gave a very inspiring message:

Pastor Adam Stump, of the Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene also spoke about the importance of standing up for vulnerable human life:

We were also blessed to have a last-minute guest speaker from California.  Christina, from the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust shared with us about her generation missing one-third of their peers due to abortion.  She had to leave to catch a flight. as they are traveling across country to Washington DC.  They plan to pray outside of the White House for 72 hours, risking arrest because it is now illegal to publicly “pray” outside of the White House.  To learn more about this effort, go to: It was a blessing to meet her and have her share.  Please pray for these young warriors for life:

LaToya Bicko’s testimony of her conversion to pro-life and healing and reconciliation from her two abortions was both moving and inspiring.  I thank her and all the post-abortive women who have courageously allowed their testimonies to save lives and convert hearts!

And pro-life veteran Bob Newman made me both laugh and cry as he gave his testimony of how he was motivated to begin witnessing at Planned Parenthood.  Al Brunn, also a pro-life veteran, gave a good talk about the importance of witnessing in front of abortion clinics as well as educating our youth.  Helen Cindrich, Executive Director of People Concerned for the Unborn Child, spoke of her 40-year long battle to end abortion.  (Sorry, no photos of them because Lori had to leave early).

Here are more photos from our kick-off…enjoy!

300 fetal model display represented the 300 abortions that take place during a 40-day time period at Pittsburgh's Planned Parenthood

Lots of folks helping to name the 2,353 babies that died without a name at Pittsburgh's Planned Parenthood in 2011
Nikki shares information about the importance of 40 Days for Life
Timothy Fahrenholz, Co-Leader of this campaign, spoke about 40 Days for Life
The vigil shift managers are called onto the stage to be prayed over by the clergy


We are ready to begin our 40 Days for Life on Wednesday!  If you aren’t receiving the daily prayer devotions from the national 40 Days for Life, go to , enter your email address and click “Sign Me Up”.  Also, please decide now what you will fast from.  Fasting is a powerful weapon…and when we are all united in our prayer, fasting and witness…lives WILL be saved and HEARTS will be changed!

So far, we have 76 churches signed up, each for a 4-hour slot….and many of you have signed yourselves up as individuals…so we are getting close to having our vigil filled!  We just have 75 hours left that still need filled!  Not too bad, considering the vigil consists of 480 hours!  Both Timothy and myself will keep you updated with stories and photos from the vigil with daily blog posts…so stay tuned.  I hope to see you on the sidewalk soon!


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