Day 40 – People of God, St. Mary’s in Herman & Rock of Ages Alliance Church

This morning’s shift manager was Jen.  She took these photos of the People of God, who prayed and witnessed at our vigil this morning:

People of God has a strong turnout!
People of God

Jen wrote:

God allowed our campaign to close on an incredibly strong note this morning, as the faith-filled members of People of God came to pray for an end to the horror of abortion.  This group draws people together from various churches and denominational backgrounds to pray and work in Christian unity.  More than two dozen members of all ages came throughout the four hour shift.  Joined by loyal Sunday “regulars,” the street outside the clinic was lined with witnesses praying and singing heartfelt pleas on behalf of all who are affected by the scourge of abortion. The intensity of the prayer must have made Satan nervous, because he sent us a challenge that we had not yet experienced on Sunday mornings:  the man who has been coming to videotape debates with vigil participants showed up.  He was treated with kindness and respect, which he returned for the most part.  One thing is for sure:  whether or not David believes in God, God believes in David!  Let’s keep him in our prayers, as well.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this campaign.  It has been an amazing experience to meet so many of you willing to step out in faith to pray and sacrifice for our brothers and sisters in Christ!

Pat, who was the coordinator for the People of God group, wrote about their experience:

“A special thanks goes to Brad and Joe, who ran “interference” with a man who seemed intent on videoing us and drawing us into argumentation. (David)  He couldn’t quite get the notion that we saw prayer as our main business there and as the answer to the problem of abortion, so our good brothers occupied him elsewhere so we could focus on the task at hand.  A small instance of the spiritual battle we were confronting – what did we expect?  We also noticed a group that came to the Planned Parenthood clinic, not realizing it was closed on Sunday.  As they walked away through our vigil, one girl told us she wished “we had all been aborted”.  No one reacted in anger, and someone (or ones) expressed to her that God loves her.  May the Lord change her heart, especially if she is carrying one who will need her to show compassion and mercy.”

The second shift was managed by Timothy.  He wrote:

“Today’s shift was wonderful. Participants from several churches were present, including St. Mary’s in Herman. I was especially inspired by Susan, a true prayer warrior who continues to come frequently despite being in a wheelchair. David, the atheist, also stopped by, and we had a brief conversation. Please continue to pray for him.”

The third shift was managed by Jim, and had a group from Rock of Ages Alliance Church as the witnesses.  If I get any photos or stories from them, I will post them here.

Our Closing Celebration was wonderful!  Thanks to everyone who came out for the closing of our 40 day vigil at Planned Parenthood, and for fun, fellowship and food at Catholic Charities!   Thanks to Chaplain Steve Hubbard for leading us in song at the vigil…and to Andy, April and Jarod from Intent, for blessing us with their awesome music at Catholic Charities!  Thanks to all who brought delicious food also!  Lori took photos of the event…I will post them when she sends them to me.

Thanks for another successful 40 days everyone!  God bless you!


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