Day 38 – St. Gregory Nazianzus Byzantine Catholic Church, Holy Sepulcher Parish & Ascension Holy Name Society

It sounds like it has been a very eventful time at the vigil this morning! I received a phone call early this morning from a woman who was standing outside of Planned Parenthood. Her name is Victoria, and she was calling me from one of our vigil participant’s cell phones. She said her 23 year old daughter was inside Planned Parenthood for a post-abortive check-up. This mother was upset that her daughter was in there because she almost died from the abortion she had (at 17 week) this past Saturday at this very facility!!! She wanted to know what her legal rights were. She explained that her daughter…after coming home from Planned Parenthood on Saturday…began to hemorrhage badly. This woman said her bathroom looked like a murder scene, with blood everywhere. She called an ambulance, and her daughter was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to save her life. Unfortunately, this young girl went back to Planned Parenthood for the follow up exam…so they will be able to cover their tracks and make up a story to tell her, I’m sure. This girl should go to a different doctor to get an oppinion from them about what was done to her at Planned Parenthood…and then she should sue them! But, the mother unfortunately has no legal rights, since her daughter is an adult. It will be up to the daughter to pursue this.  Then, about an hour after this happened, I got another call from a vigil participant saying that the police were at Planned Parenthood…and KDKA news cameras! This woman also thought an ambulance had gone in (but we were never able to confirm this). The vigil participants suspected that ANOTHER botched abortion had happened today. I didn’t see anything on KDKA’s website however, so I have nothing to report yet. If I hear anything from eyewitnesses I will pass it along.  Sally was the shift manager this morning, and she told me of a 12-year old girl who was brought in by a couple. It sounds like a life may have been saved! Here is what Sally wrote:

This started out as a good morning. We had 16 people,including a priest, a deacon & two women from two different Byzantine churches.  Also, an elderly lady, with a walker, from West End, who had just decided to find us while she was in town this morning, and a former Pittsburgher  named Gail who now lives in Texas.  She had come up for a family Confirmation yesterday, had visited St. Anthony Chapel this morning, saw a 40 Days flyer that Lillian had left there, and came down to spend the morning with us. Isn’t it interesting how word can get around, just by leaving a flyer where people will see it?

Gail and Sally (Gail stated that she has had two abortions and though she now has children, she mourns the two children she aborted. Gail knows God has forgiven her but the pain is still raw. Gail came to PP to pray and in hopes of influencing someone to reconsider based on her own personal story.)

Al said that the tall blond woman was the abortionist of the day.  We see her often, but don’t know her name.  PP was pretty busy. A young looking man & woman took a very young looking girl in.  Al said they were there very early & left because PP was not yet open.  They came back & went in later.  The man came out around 9:30.  I thought he was there with his girlfriend.  He said the girl inside was 12. He refused to take literature for her.  I told him that a pregnant girl of 12 is a victim of statutory rape & if he is helping her to get an abortion he is guilty of hiding facts that need to be known. I told him to go in & get her out.  He went back in, then came out again.  He said the girl was not having an abortion & was coming out.  When she did not come out, I asked where she was. He said, “They are trying to get their money back”.  Shortly after he said that, a young woman with a very young girl came out & crossed Liberty Avenue with the guy.  I did not have a chance to speak to them or see where they went after that.
David was around all morning, interviewing anyone who would talk with him.  I noticed that both Fr. Tom & the Deacon were interviewed.
Rosemary and Fr. Tom Wesdock, being interviewed by David
Later, Fr. Tom & Rosemary started a very long Byzantine prayer and we were trying to follow it.  David insisted on being nearby and talking over their voices.  I asked him to go to the other side to talk, or leave.  He refused many times.  Then Ginny came to
relieve me, bringing Brooklyn.  David promptly started saying very inappropriate things to Brooklyn (who is 4) & would not stop, no matter what we said.  I called you to ask advice. Meanwhile, Seamus called the police.  David left at that point.  No police had shown up when I caught my bus about 20 minutes later.
The following photos were taken this morning by Seamus:
Paulette, Juanita and Tony
Catherine and Mary Ann
Ginny was the shift manager during the second shift…when the police were there and all kinds of commotion was going on. She took these photos and wrote about her time at the vigil:
Police leaving Planned Parenthood
Brooklynne and span the generations!
Brooklynne LOVES to come with Grandma Ginny to "Save Babies". She was handing out rosaries
Holy Sepulcher
Ginny wrote:
Brooklynne had given Victoria a rosary. Then Victoria told me her story how she was raped years ago and gave her son up for adoption. She was questioning the wisdom of her decision, but came round after talking to us that it was for the best. We also spent sometime praying with her. She told us how her daughter had two abortions at PP and then had  trouble after them  with complications. The most recent one was last Saturday and she thought she would have died if a friend hadn’t  discovered her bleeding in the bathroom. PP told them to call 911 when they wanted help. Then PP had her come in today to talk to her, Victoria was worried about them having her daughter sign something that would make them not liable.
Later, Several police cars and vans and lost of policemen came to PP and a reporter from KDKA. The reporter said he heard something on the police radio and wanted to see what was going on. He talked to Victoria. Her daughter came out and was OK, but I never got to talk to them again. Two Ambulances went by but never stopped I think they went around the back of the building. That is all I know.
During the 3pm-5pm shift, Felician Sisters and Lisa's wonderful family
I did the 5pm – 7pm shift today, and a wonderful group of people from Ascension Holy Name Society in Jeannette were there. They had rented a van to come to our vigil. Here is a photo of them:
Ascension Holy Name Society, lead by Ed Antonacci and Fr. Joseph Sredzinski
Ascension praying
Elizabeth joins us
Just two days left…hard to believe!

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  • March 31, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    With all of the above going on this morning I forgot to write about more spiritual warfare. A man stood screaming at two of the 40 Days participants because each had a toe ON THE PAINTED CIRCLE. He screamed and screamed until they each pulled their foot back. This was not just an ordinary demand to move away from the circle. We often get those, from people who think killing babies is ok, but it is a sin to put your toe over the line. This screaming was almost demonic in its intensity and length. Sally


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