Day 37…Our 40 Days for Life Family Pulls Together!

Whew!  Today was the hardest day that I can remember as far as getting all the slots at the vigil filled!  Thank you to everyone who pulled together at the last minute and helped up maintain the vigil today!!!  God bless you all!  We really are a family in the sense that we are willing to sacrifice when someone needs help!  Here is a story from the first shift manager, Marie P. :

“It was quiet and cold at the vigil this morning. I was joined by Dave. V., Laura and Brian H., and Barbara L. at 7:00 a.m.   There was nothing out of the ordinary going on today. The clinic was open but it did not appear as if they were performing abortion
procedures or having very many “customers”.  Beth S. showed up at 9:30 for her hour and it was nice to see her. She is so faithful – as is Barbara! I felt very lifted up by everyone’s presence with me – in spite of the cold! “

“For the first time in a while I did encounter a couple of comments and gestures – I think God knew I needed a bit of a challenge today.  In talking with Beth S. she told me how when she forgets her rosary she stands in front of the clinic and uses the ten semi-circular pieces of blue glass in the stained-glass window above the door to count her prayers! I said to her that if PP knew that they would probably remove that stained-glass! It’s amazing how God uses people and objects (no matter where they are) for His purpose! He is truly so GOOD!”

“I really have felt blessed to be a substitute shift manager these past two Thursdays. This vigil has helped me to “step out in faith” with filling this role and signing up my parish of St. Alphonsus for their own shift (rather than our typical sharing a shift with another parish). I think God has been trying to show me that I/we can do it – and to have courage. Thanks to 40 Days for Life for the opportunity!   Marie”

Barbara, who stayed for the whole morning shift, took this photo:

Shift Manager Marie P., with Dave, Laura and Brian, prayer warriors who came to stand with her

Marilyn, who was the shift manager for the first half of the second shift took the following photo:

Anne, Marilyn, Courtney and Rose Marie

Lisa, the Shift Manager for the second half of the second shift took this photo:

Lisa wrote:

“A young couple was nearing Planned Parenthood, and they were clearly searching for the PP address.  The young man came closer and asked if I knew where the “family planning” place was.  I smiled and said, “Yes I do, but I have information about places that will help you a lot more than Planned Parenthood will.”  The looks on their faces indicated that I could go on, so I did.  I proceeded to explain to them what the PP industry is about, and how they are just in it for the money.  The pregnancy care centers are so different.  They are nice, clean facilities, they offer the same tests for free, they CARE about the women, etc.  When they said they were there for a pregnancy test, I also
threw in that these places will also help AFTER the baby is born, provide counseling, etc. They really warmed up to the idea, thank GOD!  Even though they were NOT abortion-minded, I would NEVER want to see a woman go into PP for anything.  They said they were new in town, but they had the address and a GPS, and the woman looked at the man and said something like, “I’m willing to give it a try.”  They smiled, thanked me, and went to Women’s Choice Network!!!! Praise God!!!   Lisa”

Rose, who was the shift manager from 3pm – 5pm, wrote:

“I was truly blessed to be at PP on Thursday from
3-5!  The first hour a nice family with several young children prayed the rosary with me, having come from Apollo.  This was their first time and they were a true inspiration. Even though the baby was fussy they
stayed focused. Patty from St. John & Paul prayed on the other side undaunted by all the passersby. The second hour a nice Italian lady from Epiphany Church named Mimi prayed the rosary with me and we were joined by Willliam. She usually needs to sit in a chair but I didn’t have one with me, but she persevered anyway.  I admire her!  I also admire William who
came after a long day at work and struck up some conversations with several young  engineers who were coming from a convention.  I handed out a handful of pamphlets and we got some encouraging words from some who walked by, too. I just need to comment that I am in awe when I think of  the tenacity of our prolifers who come to pray at PP no matter what the cost is to them.  Rose”



2 thoughts on “Day 37…Our 40 Days for Life Family Pulls Together!

  • March 29, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    I echo Marie’s comments about today being a bit of a challenge. But, God is so good. After a few incidents, God sent us an angel – out of the blue a young man approached us and joined us in mid-prayer for the Our Father. He introduced himself – traveling from Tennesee – backpack in tow, a Christian, never heard of 40 Days! I explained and gave him some brochures. He thanked us for what we were doing – What a welcome breath of fresh air. He renewed our spirits and the rest of the shift was so prayerful. Praise the Lord. And, a great big thank you to Ann, Aaron, Courney and RoseMarie, the folks who showed up for my shift today! God bless you!!:-)

  • April 1, 2012 at 10:51 am

    God bless all the faithful prayer warriors at the Pittsburgh 40 Days for Life! It was an honor for my family to stand with you at your vigil last weekend, and your dedication is an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you!!


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