Day 36…Yesterday’s babies…Today’s Medical Waste

I don’t mean to sound cynical with the title for today’s blog…but I guess I do.  I am sorry if that is the case.  In three years of going weekly to Planned Parenthood to pray, witness and sidewalk counsel….I have only seen the medical waste truck pull up to Planned Parenthood twice.  Today was one of them.

The truck was parked for at least 15 minutes before the driver finally exited the clinic with the boxes full of babies…some of whom were alive just yesterday:

God's precious masterpieces (AKA "Medical Waste") exiting Planned Parenthood

As we are nearing the end of our 40 day witness at Planned Parenthood, many (including me) are looking forward to a rest from the constant stress and business of trying to organize and maintain this vigil.  However, seeing the reality of abortion today has sobered my enthusiasm for the ending of 4o Days for Life.  This killing of children for money will continue every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday all year round at Planned Parenthood.  And, it will continue at the East Liberty abortion clinics every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as well.  I realize that we are just weak fleshly human beings and we have a finite amount of strength and energy.  God realizes that too.  I am not trying to make anyone (including myself) feel guilty.  The reason that 40 Days for Life WORKS is that it has a set beginning…and a set ending.  We can do ANYTHING for 40 days!  And, if we persist and do not give up, I believe that abortion will end.  But, still, it’s sad to think about the next six months without a witness at these places where babies are dying.  Of course, we have “regulars” who come on abortion days…from 7am – 11am.  Many of them are getting older though…and I wonder who is going to take their place when they can’t do it anymore?

Anyway, enough of that.  This morning at 7am, three beautiful souls joined me for the first hour:

Nicole, Dani and Gretchen

God recently broke Gretchen’s heart for what breaks his…just like He broke my heart over abortion three years ago.  Since then, although she has small children at home…she has worked it out with her husband so that she can come down to the vigil at 7am.  I tell you the truth…as long as people like her continue to be called into this ministry/battle…I can never give up!

After they left, I was alone for about an hour and a half.  I read my bible and prayed a rosary.  The time went very slowly.  Many girls went into the clinic…many took my literature.  Soon, Juanita from St.  Paul’s in Weirton joined me (and Linda stopped by):

Juanita and Linda

Not long after Juanita arrived, so did the downpour!  Poor Jessica and her small daughter Laura got caught in it!  Here is a picture of them:

Jessica with daughter Laura, from Emmanuel Christian Church

We had to take cover in the doorways (although the bar owner came out and asked us not to…he did kindly allow Jessica and Laura to remain in the un-used doorway).

Jessica had a great sign!

Soon, the next shift manager, Cathy, arrived for duty.  Along with her came Pauline, Lori and Pastor Bryan from Journey Church in the South Hills.  Here are some photos:

Cathy, Juanita, Pastor Bryan, Pauline, Jessica and Laura
Our talented "40 Days" Photographer, Lori!

Memorial Park Church in Allison Park had the second shift today.  Jaime and two other women stood for the entire 4 hours!  Here is a photo:

The Cultural Impact Ministry (CIM) group at Christ Church Grove Farm adopted the 3pm -7pm shift today.  Here are some photos that she took:

Liz from Opus Dei, Maureen and Tim from Christ Church Grove Farm's CIM Group
Gus from Fair Haven Methodist, and Maureen and Tim
Maureen and Katie



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