Day 35…St. Robert Bellarmine Parish, Elk County Right to Life & Corpus Christi Parish

St. Robert Bellarmine parish in McKeesport adopted the first shift today, and Helen Cindrich, Executive Director of PCUC was the dedicated parishioner that was there at 7am.  She took the following photos and wrote:

40 Days for Life – March 27, 2012  – First Shift 7:00 am – 1:00 pm

Al was there when I got there. So faithful. He and Sally have been part of the
furniture in front of Planned Parenthood for more than 22 years. Theirs is a
vigil of love and patience.  Al gave me a “PRAY TO END ABORTION” sign, and I headed for the other side of the PP entrance. He reminded me to walk AROUND the “forbidden zone.”

4 prayer warriors from Elk County Right to Life...drove 3 hours each way to be here!!!

Soon Pete joined Al in quiet prayer. Along came Lillian and Mary Jane, two more “regulars,” and soon after that, four ladies from St. Mary’s PA. Their group included Sister Margaretta, OSB, a beautiful sight in her traditional habit. We watched as PP staff, guards and clients came along.

at 92 years-young, Lillian (pictured with Sally) comes to pray at Planned Parenthood all year round...rain, snow or ice!
Mary Jane

I wondered how long the young couple would stay together after their date for this abortion. How good a friend was the lady who brought a toddler along when she and her friend went upstairs?

Pat and Carolyn came from my parish, St. Robert Bellarmine. Carolyn asked if I had seen the latest in sonograms. This mother of 13, grandmother of 46 and great grandmother of 16 (with four more on the way) talked excitedly about how much the babies in the womb already looked like their siblings. Meanwhile, the father who had earlier brought his daughter as a client/victim, exited the abortion mill, alone, leaving his daughter upstairs.

John from St. Killians, with second shift manager, Charlotte

Maureen, another lady from our parish, walked to PP from Duquesne University on her lunch hour. As the morning moved along the frigid air of early morning was warmed by bright sun. Shift managers changed twice. John arrived with Charlotte, and lunch hour traffic busied the sidewalk.

We know God will use our presence, our sacrifice of time and our prayers for His best purpose. When it’s done, we know there was no better place to be on this day, at this time, in this city.

Shift Manager Sally wrote:

Helen and Peter, who comes down often to pray, were the only two people with Al for his entire two hours.  Beatrice Chen & a man ( a student?) were the abortionists of the day.  Security Guard Cory was not there.  Antonio was there, evidently training a  new guard.  Is Cory quitting?  We don’t know.  Antonio does not speak to us.  Those whose shifts are on Wednesday & Thursday should note who the guard is.   It was an average Tuesday morning, moderately busy, some couples, quite a few single girls.

About a dozen people came to pray on my shift, including 4 all the way from St. Marys, PA (Elk County). One of those was a Benedictine nun in full habit.  They said it is a 3 hour trip, each way!!  I looked on the map.  It is!!  On Al’s shift, a lady went into PP with a guy.  He thought they were a couple.  They came out about 1 1/2 hours later & I talked with them while they were waiting for a ride.  The woman is a very young looking 40 & said she has 6 children.  The man with her was her teenage son.  She said she was only there for condoms because she does not like the doctor she had in Ohio.  She said the doctor she saw at PP today was “nicer” to her.  She said she has a 20 year old daughter & willingly took a newspaper & a some pro life flyers for the girl and her friends.  Soon an out of state vehicle pulled up & they left with the driver.  One man stopped to be with us for a few minutes while he waited for his bus.  He said he has done that before. We had many “Good mornings” & “God bless you’s” from friendly people this morning.   Sally

the following photo was taken by Shift Manager Charlotte, during the 11-3pm shift:

St. Mary's and St. Joan of Arc

Charlotte wrote:

“Today was uneventful.   I handed out the baby models and it was so sad when I a young man, who I believe was the father of a baby that was being aborted,  came out with a friend to smoke.  He accepted the baby model along with some brochures from me.   Both he and his friend seemed in tearswhen returning to doors of 933.   Seeing his face I was praying for him.  I did not see them again.  It is so very sad.

My friend John, from St. Killians came with me today.  Two girls walked by and the one screamed out, “you don’t even have a uterus”   I said to John, “You’re a man… you have no rights.”  No right in that young girl’s mind to tell any woman what to do with their body. Just like that sad-faced man had…No rights to his child.   And he clearly already was regretting the terrible events for his child this day…for his baby to lose it’s life.  So very sad for the innocent child And his or her family…  Charlotte”

The first half of the third shift today was managed by Sheila.  She took these photos:

Michael, Tony, Joe and Martin from Corpus Christi Parish
William and Jennifer
Vicki, Rich and Roseann, Joe and Mike

Sheila wrote that it was a good shift.  She said there were women visiting the clinic, and that some women who were leaving the clinic actually were willing to take information from Sheila.  She said that a man named Frank, from Chicago, stopped and gave us a $20 donation!


3 thoughts on “Day 35…St. Robert Bellarmine Parish, Elk County Right to Life & Corpus Christi Parish

  • March 28, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    This site is a gem. The first hand reports from witnesses at PP are the best invitation to people who might be thinking of spending some time downtown.
    One of these days we should compile a list of all the best places to park within a short walking distance of PP.

  • March 28, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    Just a note: The “interview” guy chose Sr. Margaretta. Sister’s friend said they had talked about that “opportunity” on their drive from St. Mary’s, so I’d guess that Sister gave him something to think about.

  • March 29, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    Charlotte, When a woman tells a man that he has no right to be there because he has no uterus, he needs to respond that he has a God given right to try to protect women and children from abortion. Abortion hurts women and kills children.


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