Day 34…North Hills Church of Christ, Aquinas Academy & Covenant Community Women’s Group

This morning was a very quiet one at the vigil.  No clients went into Planned Parenthood during the 7am – 11am shift…and even the sidewalks seemed unusually quiet.  Marie and I were alone for the first hour, prayed some scriptural rosary prayers and others.  Gus arrived around 8am, and prayed and sang hymns with us.  I thought we sounded pretty good together!  Here’s a photo from this morning:

Gus and Marie

Soon after Marie left at 9am, I was joined by Jake and Beth…and they brought the sunshine with them!

Jake and Beth

We finished out the remainder of the morning shift in relative peace and quiet.  Although David showed up wanting to interview…and soon into the interview one of his buddies joined him.  This young man wasn’t as polished as David…had a special fondness for the “F” word…and really just wanted to argue.  They didn’t stay long, however…and soon it was 11am and Rose, the next Shift manager….along with Jen from North Hills Church of Christ Arrived.  Jen’s church had adopted the 11-2 shift.  Aquinas Academy also adopted the 1pm – 3pm time slot…hopefully someone will send me some photos to post!

Rose and Jen

Cecilia also arrived at 11am and brought a whole crew with her…all the way from Butler!

Cecilia (center) and friends...along with Jen and Rose

Sure enouph…Cecilia sent in the following photos of the two groups that committed to provide the witness at our vigil during the second shift:  (Rosalina also sent in photos from the third shift today….scroll down to the bottom to see)

North Hills Church of Christ stands for Life!
Lisa, Judy, Bea and Laticia from St. Patricks in Canonsburg (with Shift Manger Rose) witnesses for Christ!

Cecilia wrote the following about her shift:

“We no sooner got settled into our spot on the left side of the clinic when a young black girl slowly walks up to the clinic talking on the phone.  We were able to stop and ask her if we could help.  She said that she was there to schedule an abortion.  I got out the material thatwe had about other centers, abortion and other “choices”.  But she said there was no way she was having this man’s child and that she just wanted to schedule an abortion.  She thought we worked for PP and when she realized that we didn’t, she quickly left us, went into PP and came back out.  We pleaded that she not kill her baby.  Please pray that she does not make the appointment and changes her heart about the abortion.  That is,unfortunately, what we are up against and so the spiritual battle goes on…”

“Later another young black girl carrying a backpack opened the door to PP but I asked if we could help and so she came over to us.  After talking a little I found out that she was in high school and came by to get condoms.  She said it was so that she would not get pregnant and have an abortion.  I shared with her the material that I had about contraception, condoms, STD’s and chastity.  Poor girl did not know what chastity meant.  She seemed very interested and I pray she will take time to read the material.  But she did go quickly into and out of PP and, I assume, picked up what she was there for.  So please keep this young girl and all those uninformed/misinformed high schoolers in prayer.”

“While handing out flyers, an older white lady stop with a adolescent girl to tell us what we should be praying for.  She said that we need to pray for all those children who are abused, neglected, abandoned…  Born into homes that are not safe…  We told her that we definitely will and are praying for them.  But she walked away quickly and was not willing to talk about it further.  Just think of all the millions of $$ that PP receives to kill babies and how that $$ could better be spent to help children and families in crisis situations:  To provide child care (like Angel’s Place) for women so they can finish school, get a good job and break the poverty cycle…   To educate kids on chastity and “real love”…  To help pro-life pregnancy centers and abuse centers … To support adoption and foster agencies, the kids and prospective parents!  This lady is right in that ending abortion is not enough…  We need to strengthen these “support” services.  Perhaps there is more we can all do personally in this area but it will also help to have elected officials who are supportive as well.  Two wonderful church groups showed up for the vigil.  North Hills Church of Christ and Aquinas Academy.   I’m thankful for the ladies from my church, St. Joes, who also made the trip down with me today.  Cecilia”

Rosalina, the shift manager during the last shift today, sent in these photos of Covenant Community Women’s Group, who adopted the 3pm-7pm hours:

Women from Covenant Community help to shine the light of Christ where it is needed!
Ladies from Covenant Community Church

Rosalina wrote the following reflection of her shift:

“We had a great day on our shift yesterday.  Although it was windy, we persevered…The members of the Covenant Community church were very inspiring in their prayers.  One member, Bonnie, noticed the sign Liberty Avenue and said, “we must pray for the women that have abortions and that liberty will never bring them peace” (not verbatim).  That was a special moment.  We were standing there praying and all of a sudden I felt like a magnet of force being swept into Planned Parenthood.  I truly believe that every person praying peacefully is an intangible moment of truth and a force that is powerful.  Liberty Avenue is many things….I was convicted as the dust of Liberty Avenue swirled around and our force was not affected and swept away but instead was firmly swirling through the doors of Planned Parenthood.  Our force will only swell as we carry on.  Long live FORTY DAYS FOR LIFE !!!!  MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US!  Rosalina”

2 thoughts on “Day 34…North Hills Church of Christ, Aquinas Academy & Covenant Community Women’s Group

  • March 28, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    I wanted to make a correction on the pictures. In the sixth picture down are Lisa Judy, Bea and Letitia from St. Patrick’s in Canonsburg, not Aquinas Academy. However there were 27 students from Aquinas who came at 1pm just before I had to leave and prayed the rosary. This is the first time the whole front of my attendance log was filled! I was truly blessed to pray with Fran and the lovely ladies from St. Patrick’s. The Taylor’s are also a lovely family and Jen’s pastor was there with his family. What a beautiful witness everyone was. It sure is a privilege to meet and pray with so many lovely brothers and sisters in the Lord!

  • March 28, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    Thanks Rose! I made the correction!


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