Day 32 – Second & Third Shift…St. Killian’s and Living Hope Church!

Living Hope church and others, third shift
A great witness during the third shift!

The following was written by Timothy…shift manager during the second shift:

Today was wonderful. Vigil participants from St. Killian’s, Living Hope, St. John Neumann, and Epiphany were present. There was a young woman from Assumption in Bellevue who walked by and asked us what we were doing. We explained to her what our vigil was about, and she indicated that she had been to the March for Life five times. She accepted the opportunity to get on our email list and was able to stay with us for a few minutes. While speaking to her, there was a pregnant woman who was with her mother who came out of the building and came over to us. She (the mother of the pregnant woman) told us that one of our vigil participants had told her that there were alternative organizations that we knew about that would be able to help them with their situation. She said that they need prenatal care and other services, and they do not have health insurance. We offered her information about local pregnancy care centers that will help them with their situation and explained to them the services they provide, and the information was enthusiastically accepted. Please pray for them. Another woman from Mt Ararat Church came up to us and said that is the mother of three children and supports what we were doing. When Victor and I were walking down Smithfield Ave. after the end of the shift (shortly after 3:00 p.m., during the Hour of Mercy), we got into a conversation with a pro-life medical doctor. As we were speaking, another gentleman named Tony walked up to us and began asking us questions about abortion. Tony explained to us that his girlfriend is pregnant and that they were considering abortion for economic reasons. He wanted to know if there were any alternatives. We explained to him that, yes, there were alternatives, such as adoption. We also explained the detrimental effects of abortion to women, and we offered him literature with information about local organizations that will help them with their situation, as well as the flyer explaining the pro-life position titled “Abortion is forever. Get the facts first.” He was very receptive to the information that we were giving him, and when he looked at the literature with information about organizations that can help his family, he recognized the address of one of the locations, as he lives very close to it. Please pray for Tony and his family.

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