Day 32, David Bereit visits our vigil in Pittsburgh!

It was an honor to meet David Bereit, National Director and Co-Founder of 40 Days for Life…along with his beautiful family!  We were blessed to have them visit our vigil this morning at Planned Parenthood!  Here are some photos:

Nikki with David Bereit and his family
Nikki, David, Lindsay and Lisa

We all gather as David Bereit led us in prayer

Here is a link to watch the video of his prayer while we gathered here:

Many prayer warriors came out today from St. Elizabeth of Hungary, who had adopted the morning shift.  Here are some photos of them:

Fr. Nick from St. Elizabeth of Hungary reads the Holy Scriptures

Many prayer participants came this morning from many different churches!

Virginia and Lindsay
Victor, from Franciscan University, with David Bereit's family
Tim and Chris

Susan and Larry
Beth, Respect Life Leader for St. Elizabeth, with other participants from her church
Shift Manager Al, hard at work signing people in!
Fr. Nick from St. Elizabeth, with two of his parishioners
Jessica from Franciscan University, and Chris

After I left the vigil at Planned Parenthood, I went to the abortion clinics in East Liberty (for the first time).  I had the awesome experience of watching a young woman and her mother leave the clinic and tell Mark (a sidewalk counselor from Franciscan University) that she decided NOT to have the abortion!  Here is a video of David Bereit speaking to us in front of the East Liberty “Allegheny Reproductive” abortion clinic…and behind him…I was watching the young woman speaking to Mark.  I could see from the expression on her face that it was a “save”!  I didn’t film it however, for her privacy.  Here is the link to see David Bereit speaking to the Franciscan students (and the students singing “Ave Maria”)  You may notice that towards the end of David’s speech, many of the students are grinning from ear-to-ear…that’s because we all realized that a woman had just changed her mind!

Sally, who managed the second half of the morning shift wrote to me:

You saw how many people were at PP up until 9 a.m.  It never let up.  More and more people kept showing up from a great variety of churches.  Many people from
St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Sebastian, Living Hope, Johnstown & surrounding area, priests & brothers from St. Vincent, a nice group from Grove City College, St. Teresa
of Avila & more. A little spiritual warfare with screaming from Jim Myler and loud music from the bar to the right (that was still going on when I caught my bus) made life interesting.  Sally

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