Day 31…Living Word Church, Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Three Rivers Assembly & West Hills Baptist Church

There were probably close to a hundred witnesses that came and went at our vigil today!  There was a great group from Living Word Church (my church) that started out the morning…along with a beautiful family and another member from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene (who is committed to coming to our vigil every Friday!)  Here are some photos from the morning shift:

Casey and Jacque from Living Word Church
Geoff, Crystal, Phyllis and me, from Living Word Church
Wonderful people from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene! (Baby Tristan was the best sign!)
Josiah and Kelsey from Living Word
Renee, Kelsey and Charles from Living Word
Pastor Shawn, Living Word Church, and Pastor Bill from Three Rivers Assembly
Jessica, Sally and Beth
Lots of people just showed up from many churches during the morning shift!
This beautiful family came to pray at the end of the morning shift!
This prayer warrior from St. Alophonsus in Wexford prayed on her knees for about an hour!!!

There were many couples going in for abortions today…but they didn’t begin entering the clinic until late morning.  Many people took our literature.  My pastor told me he thinks a girl may have changed her mind after receiving the information that he handed to her!  I truly believe that many lives are being saved….and we will find out someday!

After the morning shift was over at 11am, I had the great priviledge to attend the Rally for religious freedom, held just a block up the street, in front of the Federal Building.  I am estimating there were AT LEAST 500 people…maybe more!  It was great!  Here are a couple photos I took:

Rally for Religious Freedom
large crowd at the Rally

David Bereit spoke, among many other wonderful speakers!  To watch a brief video of the rally, go to

Thanks to Bob Newman for organizing this!  Afterwards, I went with two friends to see “October Baby”…but on the way back to the car, passed by the vigil and took these photos.  Three Rivers Assembly had the second shift today:

Three Rivers, plus lots of others who came to pray and witness
I noticed that David was there interviewing someone (he is in the red shirt)

Paulene went to the vigil after the rally and took these great photos (she will send names later):

David Bereit and his family came to our vigil after the rally!!!
I love their signs!
An intense prayer!
Ladies from Women's Choice Network (I recognize Amy and Jen)


After the movie…which was very good…I came back to the vigil to do my regular Friday 5pm – 7pm shift.  It was an honor to stand with the faithful people from West Hills Baptist Church!  Here are some photos of them:

West Hills Baptist Church
Karen and John from West Hills Baptist
Pastor Larry Walker from West Hills Baptist (center)
More great folks from West Hills Baptist

It was a very active day in our city today!  Many people came out to witness for life and religious freedom!  It was a blessing!


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