Day 28, First Evangelical Free Church in McKeesport provides a Wonderful Witness!

Thank you First Evangelical Free Church for providing such a wonderful witness today!!!  According to Shift Manager Al, they had a shuttle van shuttling large groups to and from the vigil and maintained a strong presence all morning!  Here are some photos from this morning, taken by Shift Manager Sally:

Barry, Greg and Janet from First Evangelical Free Church
Dean and Kirk from FEFC
Lisa and Cheryl from FEFC
Robert, with his mother Tracy, from FEFC

Here is what Sally wrote about her time this morning:

“This was a great morning!  Wonderful, sunny weather, a light day for abortions (less than a dozen customers up to 11 a.m.) no problems, and a fantastic turnout from the FirstEvangelical Free Church of McKeesport.  At least 22 of their people came to PP over the course of the morning (8 at a time in a van that kept shuttling them back & forth).  We were impressed! “

“There were also a few regulars + Juanita all the way fromWeirton, WV. She has been to PP before & feels called to be there on any abortion morning that she is not working.  We hope to be seeing her after the 40 Days for Life ends.”  Sally

The second shift manager, Charlotte took the following photo:

Two prayer participants, with Shift Manager Sheila

Charlotte wrote the following about her shift:

The 11-3 shift today, March20th was pretty much uneventful.  However at the end of the shift-  just around 2:45 when I was getting very antsy, I
had just gone over to the left side and a couple came out quickly.  The guy instantly asked “Do you know of a place were we can go to get a pregnancy test?”  The girl continued saying “I am so mad, they lied to me and will
not take me today when I took off work.”  I  immediately gave them the number for the “Women’s Choice Network” and I told them to call right now and they will help you.  He called the number for the Oakland Women’s Choice network and was talking to someone.  I in the mean time grabbed all the information that I thought was appropriate and handed it to the girl who took it and started down the sidewalk.  The guy still talking on the phone followed
her after she called to him to get going.  We were so happy praising God for the opportunity to direct someone from the evil in that building holding
Planned Parenthood to the loving care of someone who cold really help them and possibly their child!!!

So again this was a good day!  Many young girls, and even the beer delivery guy took the baby models and information.  Some of the young people could not believe the size of the baby at that time of growth.  The beer delivery made a statement of how his mother should have aborted him.  So sad.  We talked to him trying to uplift him.  He wanted the models for his grandchildren- who he said were much  better individuals than he was.  He was so down on himself.  I felt bad for him.  Maybe if others who are there when he comes (always there Tuesday afternoon could talk to him)  Even a Pastor would be great for this job!

I was very blessed today and thank God for the opportunity to serve Him in this
wonderful way!!!!  Charlotte

Sheila, who did the third shift, sent in this photo:

Shift Managers Roseann and Rich, with prayer participant

She commented:

About four women who appeared to have had abortions exited the clinic on my watch.  None of them nor their partners would take any post-abortion healing information.  When I tried to approach one woman who was crying, a man standing in line for the bus yelled at me and said, “Don’t give her that.  Can’t you see she’s crying?”  I offered to show him that it was helpful information but he just grumbled at me.  Planned Parenthood seems to do a good job brainwashing women into avoiding us at all costs.  Also, a car slowed down in front of us. A middle-aged man who was sitting in the passenger seat yelled, “I listened to you guys and now I have an autistic child.”


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