Day 27…St. Paul’s Cathedral in Oakland, and St. Bernadette’s in Monroeville Stand for Life!

These beautiful days just seem to keep coming!  Thank you Lord for your lovingkindness in giving us such beautiful weather to stand witness for You!  When I arrived at 9am for the second half of the morning shift, I found many wonderful witnesses from St. Paul’s Cathedral in Oakland.  They were all praying, led by two of their priests…Father Stephen and Fr. Michael.  It is SO encouraging to see pastors and priests coming to the vigil!  Thanks to all the men of God for leading their flocks to witness to the truth about abortion!  Here are some photos:

A group from St. Paul's Cathedral prays the Divine Mercy Chaplet
Prayer warriors from St. Paul's Cathedral, led by Fr. Stephen (left) and Fr. Michael (right). Early-morning Shift Manager Marie on far left.

Not long after I arrived, David visited our vigil and asked if he could interview some of the participants.  I explained that the videos would probably be posted on You Tube, and warned anyone who didn’t want to be interviewed to simply decline.  Fr. Stephen agreed to the interview, while other members of his church continued to pray.  From what I could hear, Fr. Stephen did a wonderful job of witnessing his faith to David!

One group from St. Paul's prays, while Fr. Stephen agrees to be interviewed by David
John shows up to hold a sign and pray
Second Shift Manager Cecilia, with Fr. Michael and his sister with her children
Dianna arrives from St. Bernadette's in Monroeville, with Shift Manager Beth and Diane from St. Paul's

A few prayer warriors had begun to arrive for the 11-3 shift, which St. Bernadette’s in Monroeville had adopted.  They told me that there are 30 8th grade students coming to stand witness at noon!  It’s wonderful to see young people standing up for life!

Cecelia sent me the following photos from the prayer volunteers from St. Bernadette’s:

8th Graders from St. Bernadette's in Monroeville
Nice group from St. Bernadette's in Monroeville

Mary Jane, Thomas and Cecilia

Cecilia wrote the following about her shift today:

Blessed by Bernadette, Basil & Bernard

What a beautiful afternoon to gather with members of our “church families” from Saint’s Bernadette, Basil and Bernard.  I was also surrounded by our “regulars”, Mary Jane and Beth who always encourage me by being there on my Monday shift.  It was St Bernadette’s vigil day and they came in numbers to witness to life!  On my vigil shift, from 11-1, I was blessed to meet up with Sue, Virginia, Denis, Joe, Katie, Paul, Dee and Ed.  And as I was leaving, carloads of students from St Benadette’s had arrived with a few more adults.  How wonderful!  Pictures are attached.  We were also blessed to have Stephanie and her two little boys in stroller stop by to meet up with Stephanie’s brother (Father Michael) to pray a rosary.  Stephanie and her boys are from St. Basil.  (I wish I had taken their picture!)  Thomas, from St Bernard, also stopped by again to pray the rosary and the Divine Mercy with us.  His picture with Mary Jane and I is attached.

The Lord blessed our time there.  We were able to provide assistance to two young (20’s ?) black girls who had stopped by Planned Parenthood. The
first girl came out of PP and I asked if we could help her.  She came over and so I asked if she was pregnant and there for abortion information or if she was there for contraception.  She said contraception.  So I was able to share with her resources that I had about the dangers of contraception and, more specifically, Depo-Provera which is what she was taking.  She was
glad to accept the material.  I also asked if she was married.  She said ‘no’ so I talked and shared with her material on chastity and explained why that is a better option for her for her health, to avoid pregnancy and diseases…The second girl came out and was about to cross the street when I asked her if we could help her.  When she came over I asked if she was pregnant.  She said that she didn’t know.  So I told her that PP would probably encourage her to abort since they make a lot of money on that.  She said that she did not want to have an abortion and that she just wanted to find out if she was pregnant.  So we gave her a flyer listing the different pro-life centers in the area and suggested that she contact them.  I told her that they give free ultrasounds too.  She said that she was looking around all day for a place like that.  I also shared with her the fetal development flyer so that she could see what stage her child would be in if she was pregnant.  She seemed thankful and will hopefully make it to one of the centers.  I told her that she can stop by to talk with us again if she had any other questions and that we would be praying for her.  Let’s call her Sg.  A tall black man (maybe 30 or 40), walking with a friend, took a flyer and then started talking with Mary Jane and I.  He said that men also are affected.  That the mother of his first child didn’t tell him about his child until a while after the child was born.  So he, apparently, is not a part of his life.  He mentioned how contraception is harmful and talked about the New World OrderHe says that it is causing kids to not think at all and they are driven by their passions and lust.  I mentioned how that goes against what people claim they want… to be able to choose! There is no freedom to choose if your passions are driving you and you are “out of control”.  I encouraged him and another black man to join us at the vigil if they are able and to pray…

I think the Lord and our mother Mary, who intercedes for us, heard all the rosaries which were prayed non-stop, it would seem, during our vigil shift.  And I believe that St. Joseph, whose feast day we celebrate today, protected us as he protected his family many years ago.  Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph!








2 thoughts on “Day 27…St. Paul’s Cathedral in Oakland, and St. Bernadette’s in Monroeville Stand for Life!

  • March 20, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    What a lot happened on your shift, and what a wonderful commentary. You are such a blessing to the 40 Days, Cecilia. We hope you will be with us for many campaigns.

  • March 20, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    Hi Nikki, posting this as you suggested.

    Thought you might be interested in something I sent to the group at Journey that is praying for the vigil:

    Hello prolife friends,

    Some people say we are making a difference when hostilities heat up. Now, on Liberty Ave there is the PP abortion clinic; next door a gay bar; and next to that, a new bookstore. On Saturday, at the midpoint rally, the bookstore owner (who had a painting of Jesus on his window earlier, and a sign that Jesus said the vigil participants were hippocrites) told one vigil participant to “go stand somewhere else” pointing to the gay bar entrance. She respectfully declined, but moved over by a tree, which she really, by law didn’t have to do do. Then the gay bar started playing a foul, sexual song louder and louder to drown out the hymns of the participants. The 40 Days people moved to the opposite side of PP.

    It strikes me as a strange coincidence (?) that 3 businesses are lined up in a row that exist to destroy 1) our families through destructuion of children (PP), 2) our relationship with God, through the false theology of pagan books and the owner’s sign, and 3) our bodies through alcoholism and unhealthy sexual activities.

    With this in mind, perhaps we should also be praying for all the workers and clients of these 3 businesses. They definitely would constitute “the lost” that Jesus came to seek and save.

    Praise God that he has delivered US from OUR pasts and our sins!

    For life, Pauline


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