Day 26…St. Regis in Trafford, St. Louise de Marillac in Upper St. Clair, Good Shepherd in Braddock and Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church!

What a beautiful mosaic of God’s people we had at the vigil today!  Four churches had “adopted” today at the vigil…and each one had a great showing from their parishioners!  In addition, many other people came from other churches as well!  Truly, we are shining Christ’s light to a place in our city that is desperately in need of Him!!!  Here is a photo of two people from St. Regis, the church that adopted the morning shift:

Sisters Donna and Diane from St. Regis

Pat, a parishioner of St. Regis (and one of our Shift Managers) took this photo and wrote the following:

“The two women, Donna  (left) and Diane, are not only parishioners, but the daughters of long-time pro-life warrior Elsie Brophy, who died last year.  Elsie had the sign epecially made for her and would stand with it in many of the varied places where she believed prayers for life were needed.  And, when she was at home, she would display it in an upstairs windows as a witness to the beauty of life for all of her Level Green neighbors to see.  [And I was privileged to be one of those neighbors in the later years of her life.] ”  Pat

The first shift manager of the day, Jen, reports the following:

“As a dozen of us stood praying on this gorgeous Sunday morning, a young couple walked up looking for Planned Parenthood.  When they saw our signs, they assured us that they are happy and excited about their child and are not planning to abort.  Instead, they wanted to go into PP for a free ultrasound because they’re students at the Art Institute and have no health insurance.  We told them that the clinic was closed, and that they would probably face pressure to abort from the clinic staff if they went there for their sonogram.  We were able to offer them Nikki’s handout with all the
local pregnancy resource centers.  They were happy to take it, especially when they heard that those centers could help them with care throughout her pregnancy and with things they would need for the baby.  Please pray for this young man and woman and their unborn child.  God has already blessed them with a joyful acceptance of parenthood, but we know that it’s going to be a long and difficult road for them.  Any suffering they endure for the sake of their child will be well worth it in the end, but may God grant
them many kind people to help them along the way.  And thank you to all the dedicated vigil participants who said yes when God asked them to be there
for this couple today!”

Nikki W. (the OTHER Nikki) had the second shift today…and she had 37 people attend the vigil during her 4 hours!  There were two churches “sharing” this shift…St. Louise de Marillac in Upper St. Clair and Good Shepherd Church in Braddock.

Here is a photo of Nikki W. and her wonderful children (who accompany her to all of her shifts!):

Nikki and her wonderful children

I got to the vigil right before the “shift-change”, so there were a few people from the second shift there.  Here are a couple photos of them:

Prayer warriors from Good Shepherd Church and St. Louise de Marillac
Marlene and Mary from Good Shepherd

Jim Shantz was the Shift Manager for the third shift, which I had the privilege of joining him for half of it.  There were many good people from Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church in Carnegie.  It was truly an honor to pray and sing with them this afternoon.  They brought their own song book of hymns…and we all joined in!  Some of the lyrics were in Ukrainian….they were all beautiful.  They said they are used to singing their entire services…so they all had strong voices!  Here are some photos:

Just some of the wonderful group from Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic!
A lovely family from Holy Trinity came to pray with their children
Daniel and Maria from Church of the Assumption in Bellvue...along with #3 (to be born soon!)
Johnny and MaryEllen (on right) are Sunday third-shift-regulars!)
A student from Point Park College came by to take photos for her photo-journalism class
A young father and his some come to pray together
Shift Manager Jim does a great job!
It was heart-warming to watch these tiny witnesses pray along with their parents...and this little boy lifting his sign high!
Susan joins the vigil for the third day in a row!

Thank God for the beautiful weather we have had…and are going to continue to have for the next few days!  It is a blessing to be at the vigil, shining our light and witnessing to the truth about the importance of every life!  God bless you!


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