Day 24, Many Witnesses For Life!

According to Shift Manager Sally, many people came to the vigil this morning…some of them answering the call to help us maintain a strong witness on abortion-day mornings!  Thanks to all who came out today!  Here are some photos taken by Sally:

Sally, with Gretchen and Danielle from Washington Alliance Church
Paulette and Juanita from Weirton
Kim and Anna from St. Alphonsus
Colleen from Latrobe

Sally wrote the following about her shift:

“Planned Parenthood was normally busy for a Friday.  We had 19 people on this shift, from a dozen different areas and churches.  A few were there specifically because you had emailed that we need more people on a Friday.”

“The Security Guard, Cory,  told Al that he is not allowed to talk to the women going in.  The customer had asked if Al would take her baby & he told her that his granddaughter would gladly take the child because she can’t have children.  The woman must have
complained to Cory & he threatened to call the police.   That is wrong, of course.  We are allowed to speak to the customers, but Cory does & says what his boss tells him.”

“A woman, who said she was from St. Paul Cathedral, came by & asked for literature, and a Pitt student interviewed me for a few minutes.  She asked if I was there because this is a religious issue.  I told her I am there because it is a woman’s right to know issue issue.  Abortion and chemical contraception hurt women and everyone denies that by hiding the truth.  She said she is going to be there again tomorrow.”

“We do make a difference by being there.” Sally

The second shift was adopted by Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.  Shift Manager Marie sent in this photo:

Justine, Edith and Scott

Today’s evening shift was held by Lisa and six of her wonderful children from Sts. Peter &  Paul in Beaver…and three ladies from Grace Church in Harmony.  Here are some photos:

Lydia and Deanna, with Barbara and Bill in the background
Lisa with 6 of her 10...Natividad, Luke, Catherine, Esther, Daniel and John

I did see a strange sight today.  Soon after I arrived at 5pm, a large group of teenage girls began streaming out of the doors to Planned Parenthood. They were all carrying perfectly life-like baby dolls.  We could only deduce that Planned Parenthood, in their philanthropy and concern for our youth…is giving “Parenting” classes.  Barbara, who was taking part in the vigil, said she has heard these baby dolls cost about $600 each.  I believe they are computerized, and cry and need fed every 2-3 hours.  The point is, I think…to make the girls realize what a MONUMENTAL responsibility it is to have a baby…thereby ensuring that if they get pregnant, they will be more likely to turn to Planned Parenthood to take care of the problem.

If I get stories or photos from today’s second shift, i will post them here.  Hope you can make it to the mid-point rally tomorrow!

Gretchen, who attended the vigil in the early morning, sent in the following reflection from her time today:

“I’m so thankful we were able to go this morning!  What a blessing and privilege to be able to stand for Life!  When we got there, Al was standing there by himself so I was glad
we were able to go.  We got stopped in traffic outside the tunnel but thankfully it didn’t hold us up too much as we were only 5 min late.  We talked to Al until 2 other ladies came to stand and then we headed over to the other side of the arch right on the curb in front of the electrical box.  I like to stand with my toes right on the curb so that all the cars can easily see my sign.  Of course they see me cry as well but I’m not too concerned
about that.  My heart broke as soon as we got there and Al said that there were about 8 couples who had gone in those awful doors.  I was immediately full of grief and once we got to our standing position I let the tears flow.  I didn’t realize this until today but there is a shorter building in between two tall buildings kind of diagonal from where we stand, and the sun was pouring through that hole.  It was so warm
and bright and I could just feel the Lord’s embrace through that sunshine.  I was prepared to get drenched with rain as I had checked the weather before we left this morning and there was a 90% chance of showers throughout the morning hours.  But, God gave us bright, warm sunshine and it was so encouraging!   What a privilege to stand with her and Al; two soldiers who’ve been standing up for what they believe in for so many years!”



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