Day 22…God Has a Sense of Humor!

I just got a call from someone (who wants to remain anonymous for now)…and I have to share this inspiring…and hilarious…story with you! It shows that God really has a sense of humor!  Yesterday at our vigil we had a very large crowd of young witnesses!  Between the Youth With a Mission group and the young Catholic Homeschooler mom’s and their kids….there were a LOT of people witnessing for life!  In fact, if you read yesterday’s blog post, you know that one of the neighboring businesses even called the police because there were too many people on the sidewalk and they were blocking his business’ doorway!

Well, a young woman went to Planned Parenthood yesterday to see about getting an abortion.  Before parking her car, she drove by the entrance to the clinic.  Upon seeing the large crowd of young people standing on the sidewalk…she decided that they were “too busy” and would keep her waiting too long…(she thought the people lined up on the sidewalk were waiting to get into the clinic!!!) so she decided to go somewhere else!  The place she ended up going is a place that will give her honest, REAL help!  I pray that she chooses life for her child!

The story made me laugh…just thinking about how God used the crowd of young witnesses to steer this abortion-minded girl away from the clinic!  This is serious business we are engaged in (the pro-life battle) and we do not get to laugh nearly enough!  Thanks, God for the chuckle!!!

Now, some news from the vigil.  Yesterday, Shift Manager Sheila was scheduled to be alone from 3-5pm…and thanks to Bill and Randy…who got my email and answered the call, she had some company!  And this morning, I was supposed to be alone for the 7am hour.  Thanks to Pat and Gus for also answering the call…I had company also!  This is why I always begin my emails with “Dear 40 Days for Life Family”…because that is how I think of us.  It always seems like we are willing to help each other out when we need it!  Here is a photo of Pat and Gus from this morning:

Early morning warriors, Pat and Gus came to stand with me!

Later this morning a young woman named “S” stopped to tell me that she believes she is 4 weeks pregnant and is considering an abortion.  I showed her the fetal models and gave her literature to help her connect with a crisis pregnancy center.  She has two children already and after we talked and hugged, she said she will not get an abortion.  I pray that she will seek out the help she needs!

Later in the morning, Mary and Dot from St. Sebastian came for a two hour shift.  It wasn’t their church’s “day”, but they saw that we needed help filling the vigil and so they volunteered!  Here is a photo of these two wonderful ladies:

Dot and Mary from St. Sebastian's

At 9am a nice group from St. George’s Orthodox church arrived for their 4-hour shift.  Here is a photo:

Justine, Edith and James from St. George Orthodox

A wonderful couple from St. Mary’s in Butler also came to pray this morning!  Here is a photo of them:

Larry and Margie

Jim, Edith and Justine from St. George Orthodox

Jim, Edith and Justine from St. George’s Orthodox Church.

Barbara was the Shift Manager for the Third shift today, and sent the following account:

“Don’t you just want to say that the shift was amazing as usual?  Well, the 3 to 7 shift was amazing as usual.  Richard and I were alone for the first hour or so.  We decided that it was romantic that way.”

“Bill from the downtown Presbyterian Church, a regular Prayer Volunteer,  joined us because he felt sad that we were alone. Katie from the South Hills Assembly of God comes regularly to pray with us on Wednesdays.  She is a delight.”

Bill and Katie

“Very soon, we were joined by Elizabeth who had a picture of a sonogram with her.  “It’s the only picture I have of her,” she said.  The little girl in the sonogram would have been 2 years old today.  Elizabeth said that this baby, her granddaughter, was aborted because she had downs syndrome.  When her son called her from Chicago to report he and his wife had chosen abortion, she went right there.  She was unable to change their minds.  Olivia Rose became the baby’s name.  She reports her family has not been the same since that abortion.  Elizabeth went back to school and got an undergraduate degree in speech therapy.  A master’s degree is needed if you want to be a Speech Therapist.  She is deciding what to do next.  She stayed to pray with us.”

Elizabeth with a photo of her grandchild that sadly was aborted

“Renee stopped to encourage us.  She has two grandchildren.  Ty’Onna is 2 ½, and  A’Miracle is 9 months old.  “We keep our babies,” the proud grandmother said. ”  Barbara


Manager 3-11

March 14,

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