Day 21…An Incredible Story that you just HAVE to read!!!

Today’s vigil coverage was looking very skimpy…and it is an “abortion day”, so I am very grateful to Youth With a Mission for coming to our aid during the morning shift!!!

Sally wrote the following about an INCREDIBLE story that one of the Youth With a Mission participants shared.  It is truly amazing and inspiring!  Here is what she wrote:

“We had about 10 of the Youth With A Mission young adults with us this morning in two shifts.  They are great people!  Also about 8 long-time regular & new-regular people showed up, including a lady fro Zelienople and a home school Mom and two of her children, with more to follow this afteroon. “

“I have a good story that one of the YWAM men told to Al:  He always wore a red wristband with the word LIFE on it.  One day a couple years ago he lost it in a Wal-Mart parking lot.  A year or more later, he was in a restaurant and the waitress was wearing a red wristband with the word LIFE on it.  He asked her where she got it, and she told him that she found it in a Wal-Mart parking lot. That is coincidence enough, but there is more.  When she found it, she was newly pregnant, and wanting to abort the baby.  The wristband was a sign to her that she should not do that.  She gave birth to a daughter, and is so happy that she chose life that she wears the wristband every day.   God works in wonderful and mysterious ways.  Anything, even a simple wristband, can save a baby and a mom.  Sally”

That is a wonderful story, isn’t it?  Thanks to Youth With a Mission, and all of the other individuals who sacrifices their time at the vigil this morning!!!  And thanks to the wonderful Catholic Homeschoolers Group that has the 11-3 shift today!  Here are some photos:

Wonderful group of Catholic Homeschoolers!

Rachel, with children Adam and Michael, and Suzanne with children Luke, Joshua and Matthew

This group is a living testimony at our vigil!!!

I also want to comment on the email that I sent out today regarding the “warning” to our vigil participants.  If you get approached by this man, David (young man, dark hair, tatoo on face), wanting to “debate” you about his aethiestic belief…keep the following comments in mind (sent in by Suzanne, a vigil participant):

“I totally agree that this man “Dave” (doing interviews) is nothing but a distraction from the enemy. Being kind, but largely ignoring him, is the best way to appraoch this. My husband and I run a ministry to satanists who want to get out of the cult. We often come up against folks who “pretend” to be interested, but are doing nothing more than trying to distract us from our main mission of helping folks who truly want help. It sounds like this man is doing that as well. It is a tactic of the enemy.”

“Also…wanted you to know about a man in his 30’s or 40’s who I encountered last week while praying at the vigil from 11am-1pm on Wednesday. He was so angry….. and seemed to be mentally challenged. He came up and said this to me, “I hate this place
because they kill babies here you know!!” He was glad to see us praying. It touched my heart that this man with obvious challenges was able to realize what goes on inside the clinic….but yet we have so many others who simply have no clue. Really, when you think about it…this mentally handicapped person put it simply, plainly and perfectly…..”THEY KILL BABIES HERE YOU KNOW”.  Suzanne

During the Second Shift, Barbara reported that they had a nice group from Catholic Homeschoolers…but the man showed up to “interview” our participants again.  Barbara wrote the following:

“Today, the 40 Days for Life 11 to 3 shift at the downtown Planned Parenthood was busy and well supported by Prayer Volunteers.  Today a steady stream of young women and men and older women and men went in and came out of those terrible doors.  Today a steady stream of Prayer Volunteers steadfastly witnessed.  The Catholic Homeschoolers of Pittsburgh arrived over the four hour shift with a total of 6 parents and 18 children among them.   Adam brought his homemade sign.  Today is his birthday.    His sign said, ’13 years ago my mom gave me life. Your baby deserves the same!!!’ “

“Fran from St. Margaret and Joe from St. Bonaventure parishes joined us.  Later, David, Bonnie and Eric arrived from McDonald Bible Methodist Church.  Jane came, with her homemade sign, from Impact Christian Church.” (here are photos of them):

Joe from St. Bonaventure and Fran from St. Margarets

Jane from Impact Christian Church and Eric, David and Bonnie from McDonald Bible Methodist Church

“The manager of the site next door called the police and reported us for having too many people in front of his store.  The police came and talked to him and then talked to me. I said I would be more careful about crowd management.”

“A woman, Amber, came and asked to photograph the 40 Days volunteers.  She is a fine arts photography student at Point Park and this was her assignment today. She had already phoned PP and received permission.   She will email the story when it comes out.  I gave her information about our history and prayerful presence intentions.”

“There is a young man with tattoos on his face, tall, who respectfully requests an interview.  He approached one of our mothers.  She had 4 small children with her.  He had talked with me before.  His language becomes outrageous while his face remains peaceful.  I asked him to stop.  I told him we were here to pray.  He resisted at first.  Fortunately, a man stopped to talk with us and the interviewing person left.  We must watch out for him.”

“A few of the people in and out of PP accepted our prolife handouts.  Some refused. For all of them, we prayed, “God be with you.” Today was a beautiful spring day in downtown Pittsburgh.  It was a day of intensive battle for those who could see.”

Barbara Lewis, Shift Manager, March 13, 2012

Sheila was the Shift Manager during the third shift today, and there was no one signed up to stand with her from 3pm – 5pm.  Thanks so much to Bill and Randy for answering the call and coming down to be with her!  Here is a photo that she sent in:

Rick, Bill, Randy and Roseann


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  • March 15, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Please watch out for that Point Park student as well….. she was there once when I was praying and I told her I did not want to be photographed or filmed. She said she would not have the camera on me, but she did on others who were with us praying. I do not trust her, especially since PP gave her permission to do this. Maybe I’m too skeptical, but I don’t like all this photography and video taking. A man even took a photo of us today from his vehicle!! It’s getting out of hand, in my opinion.


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